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Brindley offers the very best of electromotive technology with a range of Volvo electric and Volvo hybrid vehicles that deliver performance-enhanced driving alongside some of the most energy efficient vehicles on the market. Whether you’re using the latest and greatest in traditional engines in combination with high-powered electric motors, or experiencing the benefits of driving electric alone, Volvo’s Twin Engine technology offers a unique approach to hybrid driving.

Volvo S90 Twin Engine

An executive saloon with a super-charged T8 petrol engine working with a powerful electric motor to provide acceleration you might never expect from a hybrid. Combined with Co2 emissions of 48g/km, there’s no reason to feel guilty for the joy of driving the S90. Switch between Pure, Hybrid, and Power driving modes to suit your needs on the fly, whether you need that extra boost of power for long drives or the responsive urban handling of the electric engine, powering your car for over 25 miles thanks to its substantial battery size. With plenty of space to fit 5 people in ergonomically designed seats or 500-litre load space to fit all you need; this saloon gets you and whatever you bring with you where you need to go with both power and efficiency.

Volvo V90 Twin Engine

Another Volvo plug-in hybrid using the excellent super-powered T8 engine, this model delivers the real performance car experience with an extra AWD drive mode on top of the Hybrid, Pure, and Power settings, meaning that rugged, rough terrain is no problem for this efficient powerhouse. Choose the R-Design option to enhance the driving experience with a sport chassis, contoured seats and head-turning design.

Volvo XC60 Hybrid

The XC60 T8 Twin Engine Hybrid delivers all the power you expect from its turbocharged engine. Get 0-62mph in just a hair’s breadth over 5 seconds with an immense 400bhp while working in harmony with an electric battery that delivers Co2 levels of a very low 52g/km. The XC60 Hybrid comes with excellent safety features, too, including lane keep assist, fatigue detection, speed limiter, and a warning system all as standard.

Volvo XC90 Hybrid

Whether you want the raw performance of Power mode, the efficient and sharp handling of Pure, or the best of both worlds with the Hybrid mode, the XC90 delivers it in style. You can go as quiet as a breeze or turn the T8’s scroll wheel to hear and feel the high performance on a supercharged engine built to really go. Additional modes Comfort and Off-Road make the brand new XC90 more versatile than ever, helping you match your drive to your mood and your terrain. Add to that the soft leather seats and grainy wood interiors, a luxurious crystal gearshift level and ventilated front seats with massage functions and lumbar support, and you’ve never felt a hybrid like it.

Get in touch with us at Brindley or visit one of our dealerships to learn more about learn more about the XC90, the V60, or any of our other Volvo hybrid vehicles and take them for a spin yourself to feel them live up to the hype.

Added: 19 February 2019

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