From kitschy and campy to downright terrifying, TV and film have featured many a motor over the decades that have gone on to become horror icons in their own right. Whether it's a cartoon or something a little more frightening, the power of celluloid means that many of TV and film's most famous cars end up overtaking their drivers in popularity.

And with Halloween right around the corner, that's why we've come up with this fiendish quiz to test your motoring mettle when it comes to some of the silver scream - sorry, screen's - most iconic cars and vehicles. Collected from across TV and cinema, we've thrown in some trickier choices alongside more well-known motors and family-friendly cars and we think you'll agree the results are as ghoulish as it gets.

So, how did you do? Scarily good? Or eerily bad? Let us know over on the Brindley Garages Facebook page, and tell us if we’ve missed your favourite motor from horror films and terrifying TV!

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