If you're thinking of learning how to drive but still haven't gotten behind a wheel yet, or you're gearing up for that driving test later down the line, then there are a whole host of online resources and apps you can use to keep your road awareness on point in the meantime.

However close you may be to taking your driving test, we've collected a plethora of resources to help you out for when the time comes. From iOS and Android-compatible apps to practice theory and hazard perception tests you can complete online, you'll find plenty of helpful support below to steer you in the right direction. What's more, there's no need to leaf through the dog-eared driving test theory guide that's been collecting dust in your house for years...

Best Apps for Learner Drivers

Handy and convenient, the added benefit of using a theory test app over more traditional means is that many of them are regularly updated, so you stay in the loop and up to date with all the current best practices. Additionally, some apps offer hazard perception questions too, preparing you for both exams in the process. Here's our pick of the best...

Official DVSA Complete Theory Test

Compatibility: Android & iOS
Price: £4.99

Officially licensed from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, it's easy to see why this particular app has proven popular with learners. It's hard to argue with an app from the people who actually write the test for starters, but the ability to study, practise or a take a mock Theory Test wherever you are is extra handy.

The section about the practicalities of booking and taking the test is useful too, while the progress monitor feature allows you to easily track how you're getting on before the big day.

Driving Theory Test 4-In-1

Compatibility: Android & iOS
Price: £4.99

Another popular app that's been well received, Driving Test Success' app differs from the above by having sections dedicated to the Highway Code as well as road signs, each with their own quizzes to boot. With a choice of 10, 20, 30 or 40 questions and random categories to keep you on your toes, there's even a customisation feature that lets learners focus on the weaker areas of their theory knowledge.

Though it's a comparatively large app to download (1.26 gb), the depth and extensiveness of the material make it well worth the purchase.


Compatibility:iOS & Android

Price: £4.99

As opposed to being a theory and hazard perception test app, SimDrive lets you get up to speed for your practical driving test. It might seem strange at first since you're not physically behind a wheel, but the virtual driving seat that SimDrive places you in can certainly be beneficial to those with no experience of driving a car before.

Allowing you to virtually take a practical driving test at any of the test centres in London, the app requires you to take the same actions as you would in real life when driving, such as checking mirrors, indicating, adjusting your speed accordingly and identifying any hazards that present themselves. Over time, you'll strengthen those positive driving habits that, in theory, should translate over to driving a real car once you start lessons properly.

Theory Test Pro app

Compatibility:iOS & Android

Price: Free

With multiple-choice questions, hazard perception clips and the Highway Code, Theory Test Pro is a DVSA-licensed app that's free at the initial stages, though requires payment to unlock all its content. If you don't fancy spending, then it's still a good place for beginners looking to get a basic grounding in both theory and hazard perception, and with video footage of the latter, it certainly helps with what to look out for on the road.

Driving Theory Test Genius UK

Compatibility: Android & iOS
Price: Free

Another free theory app, Theory Test Genius purports to be 65.5% more effective than the Highway Code Manual, with strikingly similar mock tests to those provided by the DVSA too. With a progress feature, smart hints and detailed explanations as standard to help with the areas you're struggling with, perhaps the app's best feature is its ability to work offline. If you're out of signal or on the tube, then it's a good way to pass the time while simultaneously sharpening your theory knowledge too.

The Best Websites for Learner Drivers


Though it won't help you with your theory or practical tests, Midrive is a driving lesson booking and management system that lets learner drivers search for driving instructors in their area.

Once you've found a Midrive instructor (and there are 3,000 across the UK), you can purchase a block of driving lessons after paying a deposit of £25. From here, you can manage your driving lessons, cancel or reschedule and even get tips and hints on what specific skills you may need to work on too.

Safe Driving For Life

No matter your experience, Safe Driving For Life features a plethora of resources designed to not only help you pass your test, but the information and advice needed to become a safe, confident driver for the duration of your time on the road.

With everything from an instructor locator, theory and practical prep and what to do after your test, it's an extensive resource that's committed to having you driving at your best.

Online resources for learner drivers

Learners Guide

With its in-depth lesson guides, this detailed website helps to boost your confidence ahead of practical lessons, which theoretically should save you time and money in the process. Everything from sitting behind the wheel and approaching traffic to emergency stops and turning in the road is covered, with diagrams and detailed instructions to guide you before you take to the road.

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