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Here at the Brindley Group we're proud to be part of the government backed Motability Scheme and a leading provider of Motability cars in the Midlands.

With a range of cars from top brands including Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan & MG, we're confident we can provide the perfect Motability vehicle for every one of our customers. What’s more, our cars are fully covered by the Motability allowance and come with a whole host of benefits, so if you're eligible for the scheme you can become independently mobile and worry-free with no financial strain.

At each of our dealerships, our dedicated team of Motability specialists are on hand to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

You now have the option to send your £750 New Vehicle Payment directly to your dealer to help towards the cost of your Advance Payment. Find out more >

Motability FAQ's

See below for some of our most commonly asked questions. If your query isn’t covered, please contact us.

Am I eligible to join the Scheme?


You may be eligible to join the Scheme if you have at least 12 months remaining on your higher rate mobility allowance.

Find out if you're eligible here

Can I apply for financial help?


If you are unable to afford the right mobility solution to meet your needs Motability, the charity, may be able to provide financial help. This help includes grants towards Advance Payments for cars, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs), driving lessons and adaptations.

Do I own the car at the end of the lease?


No, as you are on a leasing scheme, ownership of the vehicle remains with Motability Operations. At the end of your agreement you will have three options: 

  • Lease another car through the Motability Scheme
  • You may be able to keep your current car longer by extending your lease
  • Return your car  and have your allowance reinstated

Can I take a test drive?


Simply get in touch with your local Brindley dealership and one of our Motability specialists will run through your requirements and arrange everything you need for your test drive.

How long does it take to get a Motability car?


Lead times vary depending on make and model. When placing your order, we’ll be able to advise how many weeks you’ll have to wait before receiving your car. This can be longer if you’re getting any adaptations.

How do I apply to the Motability Scheme to lease a vehicle?


If you're eligible for the Scheme, simply get in touch with your local Brindley dealership and arrange an appointment with one of our Motability specialists who can guide you through the process.

Do I have to be the driver of my Motability Scheme car?


Lots of our motability customers don't drive. That's why the insurance with your lease is for up to three named drivers, so your car could be driven by a family member, friend or carer.

What is Personal Independence Payment (PIP)?


PIP is the new allowance which is gradually replacing Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for disabled people aged between 16 and State Pension age.

Like DLA, PIP has two components: a daily living component and a mobility component. Each component has two rates of payment: a ‘standard rate’ and an ‘enhanced rate’ which will be the same amount as the DLA. You can lease a Motability Scheme car, scooter or powered wheelchair by using the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of PIP, similar to the Higher Rate Mobility Component of DLA. 

The Government started to replace DLA with PIP in April 2013 and in Northern Ireland in June 2016. It is expected to be completed by 2021. If you receive DLA, you will be invited to make a claim for PIP by the DWP (or the Department for Communities in Northern Ireland) at some point between now and 2021. Until that point, you do not need to do anything. However, when you receive the letter, it is important to respond to the invitation within the given timescales.  

What's included with my vehicle on the Motability Scheme?​​


The Motability Scheme's leasing package includes:

  • Insurance from RSA Motability
  • Servicing and maintenance
  • Full RAC breakdown assistance
  • Annual car tax
  • Kwik Fit replacement tyres
  • Windscreen repair/replacement
  • 60,000 mileage allowance over three years (or 100,000 for WAV customers)
  • Many adaptations at no extra cost

What adaptations are available on the Scheme?


The Motability Scheme offers around 500 different adaptations, many of which are available for no extra cost when fitted at the start of your lease. So, if you require adaptations to help make driving, or travelling, easier or more comfortable, simply select the adaptions you require and order them at the same time you order your new car.

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