As of 2023, Volvo has shaken up the trim levels offered. So, whether you’re looking for your perfect new or used Volvo car, it can be helpful to understand what the new and old trim types mean.

Below, we’ll explain the ins and outs of the trim packages available and go into detail about what you should expect from each one. Of course, some will vary depending on which vehicle you choose, so try to keep this in mind when browsing.

Volvo Trim Levels: Explained

Before the new trim levels were introduced in 2023, five main trims were available across Volvo’s range of SUVs, Sedans, and Wagons. Want to explore each one? From the R-Design to the Polestar, we’ll take you through the key differences between the trim types below.

Volvo R-Design

The Volvo R-Design trim is the perfect option for those seeking an exciting driving experience each and every time they get behind the wheel. It boasts sporty features in both the interior and exterior, while the tweaked mechanics ensure that the performance matches the overall look.

So, here are some of the main features you can expect to find:

  • Upgraded rear and front fascia
  • Frameless grill
  • Finned rear diffuser
  • R-Design tailpipe
  • Excellent fuel efficiency and responsive driving experience
  • Standard R-Design sports seats
  • Exclusive badging and vehicle detailing

Volvo Inscription

Look no further than the Inscription trim if luxury is your main priority. Not only does this trim have the most features available, but you’ll also benefit from the most luxurious interior and exterior aesthetics.

From ambient cabin lighting and heated steering wheels on the inside to exclusive alloy options on the outside – a Volvo with the Inscription package is bound to turn heads.Text here ...

Volvo Momentum

The Momentum trim is usually the most affordable option of all the package types, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy some of Volvo’s best features. Across the various models, Volvo cars with the Momentum package can be fitted with luxuries like their leather interiors, decorative wood inlays, and advanced safety features.

Even at this base level, you’ll find large infotainment displays, great-quality audio systems, and innovative driver-assistance tech that get you to your destination in style and comfort. Alloy wheels will also come as standard and although they won’t be as fancy as on the more expensive packages, they’re still sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

Volvo Cross Country

Dubbed the adventurous trim, the Volvo Cross Country package (sometimes written as XC) is specifically targeted towards the more daring driver. With its raised suspension, four-wheel drive, hill descent control and Volvo Pilot Assist all coming as standard, it’s been designed for off-roading with ease.

Volvo Polestar

Choosing the Polestar trim for your Volvo means you’ll benefit from their ultra-efficient tuning software upgrade that offers optimised engine performance by adding torque and power. This is another one that’s perfect for the driver that wants a performance car since the Volvo Polestar delivers on performance and technology.

This trim is among the more expensive options, but it's certainly easy to see why.

New Volvo Trim Levels for 2023

As we mentioned before, Volvo has released three new trims to replace the R-Design, Momentum, and Inscription packages specifically. Below, we’ll briefly explain some of the differences and the main features you can expect from each one.

Volvo cars lined up


The Core trim is the entry-level package, which replaces the Momentum trim. However, even with this base trim, you’ll still get a lot of performance and design perks that make it feel like a better package.

The new Core trim has been created for those looking for the best value for money, while not compromising on performance, technology, and aesthetics.


With the Volvo Plus trim, drivers will usually benefit from an increase in wheel size, improved audio systems, and an upgrade to the interior upholstery from leatherette to leather. And as the mid-tier option, this has already proved itself to be the most popular option for many Volvo drivers. 

The Plus trim replaces the R-Design package, although you’re less likely to have exclusive badging and vehicle detailing, along with some of the sportier features you would’ve had. Nevertheless, this trim still delivers great performance, increased driver comfort and more driver assistant technologies. 


The new Ultimate trim package offers Volvo’s most luxurious package yet. From luxury appointments to driver-assist technologies, those purchasing the ultimate package are guaranteed to get the best of everything.

Similarly, to the Inscription trim, the interior and exterior will have all the most modern features and luxuries a driver could want. Whether it’s the headlamp cleaners and adaptive cruise control on the Volvo C40 Recharge Electric Crossover, or 360-degree cameras and all-around Park Assist on the Volvo XC40 – comfort, convenience, and luxury are combined to create a luxurious experience.

Which Volvo Trim is the Best?

The highest spec level currently available from Volvo is the Ultimate package since this offers the most luxury, alongside state-of-the-art technology. However, the best trim level will vary based on what you’ll use the car for and your budget.

For example, if you’ll be doing a lot of city driving and have a lower budget, the plus, core, or momentum options are likely to be your top contenders. Meanwhile, those wanting to push the boundaries and enjoy the best performance available from Volvo will be more inclined to choose between the R-Design and the Polestar trims.

When deciding which trim package is best for you, consider your needs and wants for your car while also factoring in the cost variation. The good news is that the wide variety of trims means that there’s definitely something to suit everyone.

We hope this guide helps explain the different Volvo trims available. Discover our range of new cars available from Volvo Brindley at our West Midlands Branch, or browse through our Volvo offers today.