Electric & Hybrid

Looking to make the switch from traditional petrol and diesel engines? With more choice than ever, there's never been a better time to go green with something from Brindley Group's range of Electric, Hybrid, and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

Experience emission-free driving like never before thanks to our collection's powerful, environmentally-conscious innovations, featuring best-sellers from some of the world's most progressive, forward-thinking manufacturers.

Why not take one of these motoring game-changers for a spin? Visit our showrooms in Cannock, West Bromwich or Wolverhampton to test drive an electric vehicle and enjoy the future of motoring today.

Mild Hybrid

Combining the power of a standard engine with an electric motor, Mild Hybrids are tailored to the stop and start of urban driving. Built to boost vehicle efficiency, the engine switches itself off when stationary or at low speeds, moving into action as and when you need it. The cost-effective way to reduce your carbon emissions.

  • A smoother, more refined ride
  • Lower fuel consumption and emissions
  • Powerful acceleration


More efficient than regular petrol or diesel cars, our hybrid range combines an internal combustion engine with an electric motor, delivering an efficient, environmentally-friendly drive without compromise. And what's more, those green credentials get you improved mpg in return, along with a lower first-year road tax to boot! Versatile, responsive and cost-effective, hybrids let you drive your way.

  • Self-charging hybrid battery
  • Powerful, electric-only drive capability
  • Less dependence on fossil fuels

Plug-In Hybrid 

The best of both worlds, Plug-In Hybrids drive like petrol and diesel engines, with the added benefit of a larger battery and a bigger motor that let you go further on electric alone – with zero tailpipe emissions. And with at-home charging capabilities, your next journey is ready to go wherever you're heading.

  • Lower emissions than regular hybrids
  • Covers short journeys entirely on electric
  • Huge cost savings when running on electric only

Full Electric

Running 100% on battery, electric cars are thego-to green vehicle for the environmentally-minded. Cost-effective and low on noise levels, these zero-emission vehicles feature all manner of benefits that the driver can enjoy, safe in the knowledge that they're reducing their carbon footprint every time they hit the road. 

  • The greenest performance available
  • Low to zero road tax
  • Incredible yearly cost savings