There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a new car. From the make and model you are thinking about, to budget, all the way down to the customisable options you want to add on. A test drive is an important factor that you should undertake before buying a car. It allows you to see first-hand whether the car is right for you. Here is a quick guide on what you should look for when test driving a car.


The first thing to look at is where the vehicle you have in mind is suitable for your needs. When you take a test drive thing about what you’ll be using the car for on a daily basis, is there enough space for the kids or a good boot size for carrying equipment…or the dog! Are you looking for a car perfect for nipping around town or do you think you need an SUV or crossover for weekend adventures?


You want to make sure the car is 100% comfortable for you as well. Can you achieve the best driving position for you by moving the chair, and will you be able to complete long journeys in the car you’re test driving? You’ll also want to consider comfort for your passengers to by assessing whether there is enough leg and headroom in the rear seats.

How Does The Car Drive?

When test driving you need to see how the car feels. Are the steering and brakes responsive and smooth? Can you change gear on the car easily, without any grinding sounds? Think about where you’ll be driving on a day to day basis, discuss whether the car is suitable for motorway driving, or off-road if you’re looking for something more adventurous.


Something to also consider is whether you feel confident driving the car. If you’re used to driving a small city car then upgrading to a large SUV could be quite an adjustment, making the test drive even more important. Practicing manoeuvres in the car during a test drive, such as parking, will help you to decide whether you’d be confident driving the car on a daily basis or not.

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