Looking for a car to tow a caravan is not an easy search, not when the sheer range of vehicles capable of towing on the market is huge. You need to choose the right tow car so that you can tow in safety, while looking stylish and being comfortable all at the same time. You can test drive a car’s solo performance but there’s a very big difference between testing a new car and testing a new car with a caravan hitched on the back. There are a good few ways, however, that you can figure out whether a car is good for towing without actually towing anything with it first. When you are towing, you need to be smooth and decisive - not rushed - and you shouldn’t buy on a whim with a tow car, either.

You need to make careful choices with the car that you buy to tow with. Firstly, because you’re not going to be towing all the time, so you need to be able to be happy with your car choice without a caravan on the back, and secondly you need to find a safe vehicle with a good tug. The important things to look for are the weight the vehicle can handle as well as the power and torque of the engine. A heavy 4x4 is a good way to go for a good tow car, but you need to check out all the elements, first. Below, we’ve put together for you a range of tow cars available with Brindley Garages. At Brindley Garages, we have Honda, Kia, Hyundai, Vauxhall, Volvo, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Nissan models at our dealerships centred around the West Midlands. We have plenty of models within these brands that would be perfect for your towing needs, and here are some of our favourites.


Hitting over £50,000 in cost, there’s a reason the XC90 has won awards since its launch in 2015. Stylish, packed with technology and one of the safest cars on the road, this hybrid electric motor has plenty of necessary torque for your towing needs. With a 1,973kg caravan on the load, it can go from 30-60mph in 7.3 seconds.

Mitsubishi Shogun Sport

Bringing 4x4 knowledge and a huge interior to show off, the Mitsubishi Shogun Sport is an adventure in off-road discovery. There’s a 3,100kg towing capacity on this beast, which makes it a versatile SUV.

Nissan X-Trail

The new Nissan X-Trail is a monster in towing and is one of the top 10 SUVs out there for it. There’s enough muscle on the X-Trail to tow a 1,445kg weight when loaded with a caravan.

Once you know the brand you want, give Brindley Garages a call. We can arrange for you to test drive your new towing car and give you the tour of the new vehicles that could beat the rest for you. Don’t take our word for it, though, contact us today and come and try them for yourself!