With businesses increasingly making the move towards more sustainable practices, and the 2030 petrol and diesel ban edging ever closer, reducing the harmful effects that climate change has on the environment is more important than ever.

With this in mind, The Brindley Group is delighted to announce we’ll now be working with leading solar rooftop experts, Eden Sustainable, to help make our operations more sustainable and environmentally friendly through the installation of solar panels on all our buildings.

Across The Brindley Group’s many locations, our buildings are situated in areas that receive a lot of sunlight. With Eden Sustainable’s track record in developing sustainable, money- and carbon-saving assets, we felt the decision was an obvious one. By installing solar panels across our properties, this investment means we’ll now be able to combat climate change in a way that supports the environmental targets which grow ever closer as 2030 approaches.

Speaking on the news, Scott Burrows, Director at Eden Sustainable, said: “The race to net-zero and fuel prices are enabling businesses across the UK to make decisions to go solar. Our friends at The Brindley Group are a fantastic flagship and this is particularly poignant and effective as they transition towards vehicle electrification.”

Meanwhile, our own Managing Director, Che Watson, said: “As The Brindley Group turns its attention to sustainability more and more, working with Eden Sustainable is definitely the right move. Businesses that fail to keep up with changing times, and who forego green credentials, are playing a very risky game.

“Through our increase in the number of electric vehicles, and now this, we’re proud to say we’re doing what we can to not only modernise but to improve our approach to the environment too.”

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