At Brindley, we’re always excited to offer the best vehicles possible at the best possible prices, and that’s no exception with Omoda. We’re incredibly proud to launch our partnership with Omoda to bring their cars to the UK car market.

It’s unlikely that you’ll know a huge amount about Omoda since they’ve never before been sold in the UK, so here’s a quick guide to this new car manufacturer and what you can expect.

What is Omoda?

Omoda is a major car manufacturer from China who are now looking to expand into the UK market.

They will offer a range of petrol and electric crossover SUVs, building on their vast experience of selling cars across Asia and Eastern Europe.

Omoda is a subsidiary of Chery, which also owns Exeed, iCar, Jaecoo, Jetour, Karry, Luxeed. With such a wide range of car brands, it’s no wonder that Chery sells almost 2 million cars per year in China alone.

4 facts about the Omoda brand

So, what more is there to know about Omoda and its brand? From its ethos to the cars that will be available, here are some top facts you should know.

Omoda believes in community

As well as being a car manufacturer, what sets Omoda apart is their intention to create a community of Omoda owners, complete with a social media platform only accessible to those with an Omoda car!

Oxygen and fashion

Omoda takes its name from the words Oxygen and Mode (French for fashion), showcasing their inspirations for fantastic car design. As well as offering futuristic innovation, they are also looking to put timeless design principles on display.

What Omoda cars are available in the UK?

For the time being, Omoda has only released one car in the UK, the beautifully designed Omoda 5 – but the electric E5 is soon to follow.

The Omoda 5 is a 5-door, midsized crossover SUV that combines elegance, style and usability to offer the ideal family car at a reasonable price. The 5 starts at £24,000 going up to £27,000 offering exceptional value for money for a car in its class.

Why you should consider Omoda for your next vehicle

Omoda is able to offer the quality of high-end European manufacturers at a fraction of the cost. You can expect build-quality, longevity (thanks to the 7-year warranty) and style that rivals any of the major players currently on UK roads.

Where can you get an Omoda?

Brindley is one of only a few dealerships currently selling Omoda cars, and with dealerships across the Midlands and home delivery available, there’s no better place to check out and order your new Omoda.

If you’d like to enquire about how Brindley can help you to purchase an Omoda car, or simply to book a test drive, enquire here!