Driving abroad can be tricky at the best of times, especially when you’re on the other side of the road on the wrong side of the car. And to make matters worse, every country around the world has its own driving laws to contend with – some of which can easily trip you up if you’re not used to local rules and customs.

If you’re thinking that driving abroad can’t be that hard, we invite you to take on our driving laws quiz, and put your knowledge of international road rules to the test. From Europe to the USA and beyond, we’ve put together 15 questions on the world’s weirder driving laws, some of which are guaranteed to raise an eyebrow or two for us sensible British motorists.

So, whether you’re planning an overseas driving holiday or simply fancy your chances, why not try your luck at our tricky international driving laws quiz below.

How did you do?

Are you seasoned international driver or do you still have some learning to do before you hit the road and travel the world? We’ve had a look at the scores and gathered the results to see how you did in comparison to other drivers.

Over 1,500 people took our quiz and tried their best to answer all the questions correctly, but only 8% finished the quiz with full marks. Congratulations to those that achieved a 14/14 score, you should be proud of how well you did.

On average, it took our quiz takers about 6 minutes to complete, but there was one knowledgeable quizzer who finished the quiz in 2 minutes 47 seconds. If you think you can beat their time go ahead and give the quiz a try!

And if you have already taken our Brindley international driving laws quiz - thank you! How did you get on? Are you happy with your score? Or did some of the answers leave you a little nonplussed?

Driving abroad can always be a challenge, even for the most experienced of motorists. Whether you’re taking your car on the ferry to France or renting a motorhome for a dream road trip across the US, it always pays to read-up and research local driving rules before you go, to save yourself the embarrassment and expense of falling foul of local driving laws.

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