Brindley Group to close on Sundays to promote a healthier work-life balance

In an inspiring and forward-thinking move, the Brindley Group have taken a bold step towards promoting the health and well-being of their employees and embracing a healthier work-life balance. Therefore, from the 1st October 2023, all our dealerships across the group will no longer be in operation on Sundays to help prioritise the mental and physical rejuvenation of both its dedicated staff and loyal customers.

By recognising the importance of rest, family time and personal well-being, the Brindley Group are redefining the norms of the motor industry. This innovative decision is perfectly aligned with the evolving times as more and more businesses acknowledge the importance of allowing employees and customers to recharge and spend quality time with their loved ones.

The choice to suspend operations on Sundays in an industry known for its fierce competition may raise the eyebrows of some, however, the Brindley Group remain focused on showing dedication to improving the lives of its team members; also strengthening community bonds. This decision enables all staff to return to work at the start of each week feeling refreshed, motivated and fully prepared to deliver exceptional service to our customers, elevating the overall customer service to new heights.

"Our success as a motor dealer group has always rested on the strength of our team and the relationships we've built with our customers. By closing our doors on Sundays, we want to convey a clear message: we value the importance of a balanced work-life equation, and we want our employees and customers to relish their weekends to the fullest." - Che Watson, Managing Director of the Brindley Group.

As the news of the Brindley Group's decision spreads, others businesses are taking notice and could potentially transform the way that other motor groups conduct their business. In a world where work at times can dominate every aspect of life, the Brindley Group stands as an inspiring agent of change.

However, whilst our doors will be closed on Sundays, our digital presence remains fully accessible between 9AM - 7PM via phone or online enquiries, ready to serve you at your convenience. So, whether you are searching for your next car or require information on a particular model, we have got you covered. Our dedicated online team remains eager to assist you with all potential queries you may have to help provide you a seamless experience irrespective of the day of the week!

Thank you for your continued support.