The automotive industry is filled with manufacturers from across Europe, Asia and beyond. With the arrival of Omoda and Jaecoo into the UK, it’s another example of how Chinese car manufacturers are starting to pick up the pace in delivering premium and eye-catching cars to the UK market. 

However, Chinese car manufacturers have been having an impact on the European market for some time, with many of the cars we drive today already being manufactured in, and exported from, China. Perhaps you’re a little unsure about buying a car from a relatively unknown or quiet Chinese brand because you don’t know much about them. Well, we’re here to answer the top questions surrounding Chinese car manufacturers and what it means to buy a car made by one.

Which Chinese car manufacturers are already in the UK?

You might be surprised at the number of Chinese car brands already on the road. Here are just some of the names you should be looking out for.

SAIC Motor

The Chinese state-owned SAIC Motor has had its impact on the UK industry since 2007, when it acquired MG. The MG brand was originally purchased by Nanjing Automobile Group, which then merged into SAIC. Take a look at the all-new MG4 EV to see just how SAIC has positively impacted the brand.

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Headquartered in Shanghai, SAIC also owns Maxus.


Geely became the first privately-owned automotive company in China, founded in 1986. Headquartered in Hangzhou, it is divided into different sub-groups to manage its range of car brands – some of who you will likely recognise. In 2010, Geely acquired Volvo from Ford, and in 2017 they acquired a large stake in Lotus. Geely also has subsidiaries and joint ventures with the Polestar and Smart brands.

However, Geely leaves the styling and design to the original firms, and instead provides the tech that powers the cars. This means your next Volvo will still feel like a Volvo, just powered by Chinese technology.

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Chery is currently the third largest automobile manufacturer in China, and is state-owned. They have previously entered joint ventures with the likes of Jaguar Land Rover to produce the cars in China, but it’s their latest project that has really turned heads.

In 2023 Chery launched two new brands, Omoda and Jaecoo, which are marketed outside of China in order to help boost their export strategy. Here at Brindley we have launched our partnership with both Omoda and Jaecoo, marking an exciting time as we offer something innovative and fresh to our customers.

Brindley have a new site for Omoda and Jaecoo at Watling Street in Cannock, so you’ll be able to view and test drive these new models.

Why should you consider buying from a Chinese car brand?

With the above in mind, it might be that you have already bought a Chinese car brand in the past, perhaps without realising. China has already put its mark on things like battery technology, which will be crucial to the future of the automotive industry.

Some of the most attractive selling points of these cars include both price and reliability. For example, the starting price of the Omoda 5 is around £25,000. Typically, labour costs are much lower in China, as well as parts and materials being more readily available. What’s more, many of the brands are already manufacturing in large quantities, so they have the chance to launch in the UK.

In 2023 alone, China sold around 24 million electric cars – more than America and the EU combined. The brands have been creating these cars for years ahead of its European counterparts.

So, when it comes to your car manufacturer preferences, you might find that you’re more open to trying something a little different than you first thought. With the arrival of Omoda and Jaecoo to Brindley, we can help you make an informed decision when it comes to trying out these brand new models. Get in touch today to find out more!