In today’s world wanting or needing to be connected extends to nearly every aspect of our lives – having access to data or have all the information we need right at our fingertips is now an expectation. This includes our cars, which we already heavily rely on every day. While it can be very convenient to have access to music, phone calls and such while behind the wheel, it can also play an important role in staying safe on the road.

Hyundai have tapped into this need for connectivity with its Bluelink technology, which goes one step further than just being able to connect your phone to your car for making hands-free calls. Let’s find out more about Bluelink and what it means for Hyundai drivers.

What is Hyundai Bluelink?

Whether you own a Hyundai or thinking of buying one in the near future, Bluelink technology is designed to keep you connected to your car whether you’re behind the wheel or checking in on your vehicle remotely. With features to make driving safer, easier and even more fun, Bluelink aims to standardise access to safety, maintenance and remote technology.

Whether it’s before you get in the car, during your journey or even after you’ve parked up, Hyundai Bluelink can give you the chance to check in your vehicle’s status, including car health information and navigation. If you’ve made the switch to an electric car, there’s even more features available at your fingertips.

Is Hyundai Bluelink free in the UK?

The Bluelink app is free to download, either from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store depending on which device you have. What’s more, the Bluelink technology and the live data services are free of charge during a complimentary period. This is typically around 3 years, but it can vary between different models and so it is worth checking with your local Hyundai dealership.

Which Hyundai models have Bluelink?

While Hyundai Bluelink technology came out in the US in 2012, the car manufacturer first launched it across Europe in 2019, which was closely followed by unveiling its updated version in 2021.

Bluelink was first rolled out across its IONIQ range, specifically the IONIQ 5. The technology will reach the full line up of models by 2024.

Can I add Bluelink to my Hyundai?

If you’re an existing Hyundai driver and wondering if you can retrospectively add Bluelink to your car, you’re in luck. So long as your Hyundai has a 10.25” touchscreen and you opted for onboard navigation, you can access Bluelink technology. You simply need to activate Bluelink on your car’s head unit and download the Bluelink app from your device’s app store. Follow the instructions and you’re all set up!

Hyundai Bluelink features

So, what exactly is included in Hyundai Bluelink? Using telematics to transfer real-time data, Bluelink allows customers to always be connected, thanks to an in-car modem and SIM card, along with the accompanying smartphone app. The wealth of features include:

Alarm notification – if someone attempts to break in, or breaks in to your car, Bluelink will send a push notification straight to your smartphone. So, if the door lock is compromised or the door is opened, you’ll know about it.

Remote diagnostic checks – the Bluelink app allows you to run diagnostic checks to understand the status and condition of your Hyundai. This includes things like tyre pressure, malfunction indicators, airbag status, brake system and more.

Navigation system – Bluelink takes your navigation system one step further, not only allowing you to control the system with voice recognition, but gives you the chance to take advantage of navigation features both in and outside of the car. Use Bluelink to search for destinations and plan your route before getting behind the wheel, and the app will sync to your Hyundai’s navigation system. You can also take advantage of something known as last mile navigation, which allows you to continue the last leg of your journey on foot if necessary. The Bluelink app will show you the current location of your car, no matter where you are – perfect if you’ve forgotten where you’ve parked!

Fuel status – check how much fuel you have left through the Bluelink app, helping you to plan your next journey better – Hyundai Live Services can help you find your nearest petrol station.

Hands free control – with voice recognition, you can start your navigation system, make a phone call or play music, all while remaining safe and legal behind the wheel.

If you have an electric Hyundai, Bluelink technology helps you tap into even more helpful features that makes driving more enjoyable. This includes:

Distance to empty – just like fuel status with a petrol car, you can check your Hyundai’s current charge and distance range before getting on the road, helping you plan your next journey with more precision.

Charging schedule – the Bluelink app allows you to have more transparency over your Hyundai’s charging schedule, giving you the chance to manage it to ensure optimum battery life and electricity rates.

Charging limits – if you want, Bluelink allows you to set and change the limits for fast and overall charging, giving you more control over your electric Hyundai.

Remote climate control – make your next drive more comfortable and set the right temperature in the Bluelink app, and your car will turn on the heater or air conditioning ready for the drive ahead.

So, if you’re looking for a car that’s totally connected and can give you a more rounded understanding of its status and condition, Hyundai has the answer. To find out more about Hyundai, get in touch today.