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Vauxhall Unveils the All New Mokka

Vauxhall Unveils The Second Generation of the Mokka range

Bold new looks and an optimised, exhilarating driving experience characterise Vauxhall’s All-New Mokka, the second generation of the popular compact SUV. Due to arrive at Brindley Vauxhall in early 2021, the All-new Mokka’s powerful electric variant; The Mokka-e will also be available from day one.

The All-New Mokka features a new unmistakeable design, the ‘Vauxhall Vizor’. The revolutionary front grille makes striking statement, and is sleekly integrated with the stylishly slim LED headlights. This ultra-modern, bold design is reflected across the whole body of the car. Inside, the design philosophy continues with Pure Panel. Pure Panel provides the latest technologies and the most important information for the driver while reducing distracting visual stimuli. Occupants will be greeted by two wide screens of up to 10 and 12 inches in size with the central display tilted towards the drive. The design of the centre console too has been extensively de-cluttered thanks to the electronic parking brake, new electric gear lever and absence of protruding elements which would disturb the purity of its design.

Vauxhall continues its tradition of bringing premium safety technologies to a wider range of buyers. The All-New Mokka has an impressive array of safety and driver assistance systems including Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go function and Active Lane Positioning which keeps your Mokka in the centre of a lane. The lighting system too offers premium class technologies with the adaptive, glare-free IntelliLux LED matrix light with 14 elements, unique in the category. What’s more is that all of this is truly at your fingertips; Vauxhall’s designers kept control buttons for essential functions, avoiding distracting exploration into sub menu’s.

Thanks to the careful and conscientious design the All-New Mokka is 120kg lighter than its predecessor and has gained up to 30% more torsional stiffness in the case of the Mokka-e with its low mounted, integrated battery structure. As a result the New Mokka consumes substantially less energy, while being much more responsive, agile and fun to drive. The Mokka-e particularly promises to be an exhilarating drive without compromise. Its 100kW battery will carry you up to 201 miles on a single charge with regenerative braking returning charge to the batter, also the state-of-the-art Navi system will highlight all nearby electric charging points on your route.

The All-New Mokka and Mokka-e are certainly game-changing compact SUV's promising ease of use, exhilarating and driving and a strong, progressive design elements which will become the new brand face for future Vauxhall models; the Vauxhall Vizor and Pure Panel. Stay in the loop on this hugely important release with Brindley Vauxhall.

Added: 26 June 2020

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