According to figures recently published by The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) black is once again back as the UK’s favourite new car colour. Black previously held the top spot from 2009 to 2012, but having been usurped by white for the next four years it is now once again the most popular colour for new cars in the UK.Last year saw 515,970 new registrations for black cars, which represented 20.3% of all new cars in the UK, and one in every five sold! Grey was a close second with a market share of 19.7% closely followed by white accounting for 19.0% of all new cars. As monochrome colours continued to dominate the new car market with over 69% specified in black, grey, white or silver it now seems that blue is the only primary colour to feature in the top five, with registrations totalling 405,758 – just 16% of all registrations in 2017.

The Changing Tastes in Car Colours

How have the colour tastes of Britain’s new car buyers changed over the last 20 years? We can see from the illustration below that the last time a primary or secondary colour (colours not considered to be monochrome) was the most popular colour of choice was way back in 1999! That was when blue had been the preferred colour of choice for three consecutive years.

The rest of the top 10 most popular car colours in 2017 were; red, green, orange, bronze and yellow, with more buyers than ever before choosing bronze.

Picking a colour for your new car is just one of the many decisions to make, as well as selecting from the manufacturer & model variants there are engine & transmission considerations as well as the latest safety and comfort options from which to choose. Manufacturers are continually offering more choice to car buyers with more colour combinations than ever before. However, they are not slow to capitalise on colour popularity as buyers who opt for black, grey, silver or white often must pay a premium.

In years gone by Henry Ford made it easy for us by saying ‘buyers can have any colour they like, so long as it’s black’!

What’s Hot & What’s Not!

Us Brits, it seems do love monochrome colours, but what other colours are becoming more popular and which ones are falling out of favour?

In: Gold & Orange The fastest-growing new car colour in 2017 was gold with demand well up, though still very much a niche colour making up only 0.5 % of the market share while orange is now more popular than ever before. With massive growth last year, it won’t be long before orange cars are more popular than green if the trend continues.

Out: Brown & Pink Brown was once the ‘in’ colour but not anymore! It’s now firmly ‘out’, with a decline of 33% in sales last year. And Pink, always a bold and brave choice, but 2017’s figures show just 1,327 new car buyers chose it!

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