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They Did It!

Congratulations to Jon Wakefield, Tim Tozer and Darren Guiver on completing their incredible BEN ILC challenge yesterday evening at the Thames Barrier. 

After four gruelling days, and over 40 hours in the saddle, Jon Wakefield, former MD of Volvo Car UK, Tim Tozer, CEO of Allianz Partners UK & Ireland, and Darren Guiver, Managing Director of Group 1 Automotive, completed their incredible BEN ILC Epic Thames Waterbike Ride yesterday evening, arriving at the Thames Barrier shortly after 7pm. They were exhausted and elated in equal measure!

While the pictures below make it look as though it was a beautiful cruise down the river on some lovely sunny days, the three amigos suffered with many aches and pains along the way which they will be recovering from for a few days to come.

They were supported by a big ground crew who followed them along the route, helping with opening and closing the locks, supplying food, water, suncream etc, and providing a friendly face when the going got tough. A few adventurous colleagues also put their hands up to accompany them for short stints along the way, and came away having loved the experience but also being grateful that a few hours in the saddle was quite enough!

Added: 08 July 2019

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