Is the Nissan Leaf all Electric?

Nissan Leaf

In the information era, we can no longer plead ignorance. No longer can we turn a blind eye to the way in which our habits and lifestyle are affecting the environment. In order to conserve the planet for future generations, consumers have gone a long way towards changing their habits, and a range of industries have mended their ways accordingly. The automotive industry, of course, is no exception. Over the past decade we’ve seen all of the brands we work with introduce innovative and intelligent solutions to help combat climate change from fuel additives like AdBlue in larger diesel vehicles to a huge range of electric and hybrid vehicles. If you’re the kind of driver who dreams of buying electric, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of the Nissan Leaf. This game changing electric car is currently on its second iteration while other manufacturers are only just rolling out electric versions of their heaviest hitters. Let’s take a look at this distinguished little vehicle…

So is the Nissan Leaf all Electric?

You bet! Unlike many electric vehicles on the market there is no hybrid version of the leaf. It’s only available as an all-electric vehicle. This 5-door hatchback with front wheel drive runs on a 148bhp electric motor that’s powered by a 40kWh battery. The fact that it is only available with an automatic gearbox may frustrate some drivers with performance in mind, but the Leaf was never really aimed at speed demons.

What else does the Nissan Leaf offer?

The vehicle is designed to showcase just how comfortable and enjoyable driving can be when you drive electric. Indeed, the latest generation offers an innovative new e-Pedal that allows for single pedal driving, applying the brakes as you ease off the gas. Its diminutive size belies a spacious interior with room for the whole family, and there’s a whole lot of cutting-edge technology crammed into that little chassis. As well as the innovative e-Pedal there’s also an equally clever Pro Pilot system, which will automatically steer, accelerate and brake for you on roads where road markings and the vehicle in front are clearly visible. Another great feature of the Leaf is its staggeringly low running costs. And with zero tailpipe emissions, it’s undoubtedly one of the greenest vehicles on the market.

Is the Nissan Leaf for me?

The Nissan Leaf is primarily aimed at urban drivers for whom environmental sustainability is a crucial factor. It is completely emissions-free and energy efficient while offering a responsive and eminently comfortable driving experience. Speed freaks may be frustrated by the vehicle’s leisurely pace, but those who will predominantly be navigating the busy streets of major conurbations in their Leaf will be too busy enjoying the comfort and safety features to care that much about speed.

Come on down and see it for yourself

The best way to see if the Nissan Leaf is for you is to join us at Brindley Nissan to give it a test drive. We also have a range of electric and hybrid vehicles across our Brindley dealerships all over the West Midlands. We can’t wait for you to join us for a coffee and discuss the Nissan Leaf in greater detail! Speak to us today using our online contact form.

Added: 17 October 2018

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