Looking for an Affordable Used Car? Introducing Central Car Clearance

Uniquely partnered with Brindley Garages Group, Central Car Clearance are a predominant retailer of used cars located around the West Midlands that offer low-cost and premium quality cars.

They select their cars diligently and check them thoroughly so that they can be sure they are providing their customers with the quality they deserve. All of their cars are retailed at trade price and have independent customer reviews so you can rely on their guaranteed quality.

Central Car Clearance are conveniently located 3 miles from Junction 2 on the M5, near to West Bromwich, Dudley, and Smethwick. If you aren’t based in the midlands, or for whatever reason you can’t get to their dealership on the day, they provide nationwide delivery to all customers for a minimum charge of £99.

Let’s take you through your options when you’re considering purchasing a used car with Central Car Clearance.

Financing Your Used Car Purchase

car finance

Central Car Clearance operate with a concentrated number of top quality companies that supply affordable finance solutions which are adaptable to suit your needs. Based on their strong relationship with these firms, they are always confident that a finance solution can be found for anyone.

They have onsite finance experts that have instant access to their finance providers using the latest technologies and processes which ensures a seamless transaction is achieved – this includes the whole process, from having your finance solution confirmed with the finalisation of paperwork, and then subsequently driving your new car away.

One of the best benefits of dealer finance is that is comes with extra Consumer Rights that you wouldn’t normally get paying with a bank loan or cash. For example, with dealer finance your interest rates won’t change from the initial agreement and your monthly installments will never change throughout your Hire Purchase contract term.

Take a look at any of the cars Central Car Clearance have on offer to see a representative Example here.

Part Exchanging Your Car with Central Car Clearance

part exchange

More often than not, part-exchanging your car is a much easier experience than selling privately. It’s as simple as selling your car to the dealership for a set price and then that price comes off the cost of your new car when everything is finalised.

Part-exchanging your car also eliminates potential issues such as a buyer coming back to you if something has gone wrong with the car, or waiting for a buyer to take interest and make an offer.

If you feel part-exchanging your current car is the best option for you, use Central Car Clearance’s user-friendly online valuation tool here to get a quote on your current vehicle against the price of your potential new vehicle.

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If you’d like to find out more about Central Car Clearance then head over to their website which has lots more information on their fantastic reputation spread over 86 years.

Want to enquire directly to one of their expert advisors? You can use their online contact form tool here.

Added: 11 April 2018

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