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Is The Mazda Kai Concept The Future Mazda 3?

This year at the Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda revealed its Kai concept car – an embodiment of the next generation of Mazda technology. The Soul Red Crystal beauty provides Mazda lovers with a taster of what is to come from the future range of Mazda cars, with similarities to the Mazda 3 in particular, with a strong similarity between both cars’ compact hatchback design. So what can you expect from future Mazda’s? Here is everything you need to know about the Kai Concept!

Mazda Kai

State-Of-The-Art Technology

The Mazda Kai has been designed with the next generation of hatchback in mind, with SKYACTIV-X, this petrol engine has SPCCI combustion to allow for a seamless automatic transmission, so you get smooth gear changes every single time! On top of this, Mazda’s i-ELOOP regenerative braking system can be expected on every new model. This state-of-the-art technology converts the vehicle’s kinetic energy into electricity as the car decelerates – making the most of every transmission and manoeuvre.

Mazda Kai Rear

Sleek And Pristine Body

A pioneering design, the Mazda Kai reflects the sleek, beautiful, and elegant design of future Mazda models. This head-turning KODO design accentuates the Japanese aesthetics to give drivers the Jinba Ittai experience – where driver and car are in perfect harmony!

Not only does this concept car have sleek LED lights and large black alloy wheels, but the panoramic roof sets a unique tone for the future Mazda 3, so you can enjoy every backdrop you sportily drive through, whilst in the comfort of a hatchback.

Mazda Kai Roof

Sportier Than Any Mazda 3

With a lighter body and chassis than previous Mazda 3’s, as the world’s first commercial gasoline engine, the Kai’s design means it has ultimate agility with simple styling making it an incredibly sporty pedigree concept car due to its aerodynamic curve and build. Fitted with G-Vectoring Control, all future Mazda cars will have an intelligent 4 wheel drive to allow drivers perfect handling in all road conditions, as i-ACTIV All-Wheel-Drive kicks in to ensure ultimate grip. Additionally, 27 sensors and sensor are built-in to on the Kai concept, to check the road condition 200 times every second, ensuring the car adapts to each possible condition and obstacle.

Mazda Kai Interior

Whilst the Mazda Kai’s debut of the next generation body and engine design shows modern technology that can be expected on its similar sister model, the Mazda 3. You can anticipate aspects of the current Mazda 3 will be combined with the Kai’s concepts, to bring the next Mazda 3 with SKYACTIV-X technology as well as MZD-Connectivity and i-ACTIVSENSE safety technology. With a combination of driver entertainment and comfort, mixed with next generation driving systems, the next Mazda is sure to be revolutionary for the Mazda range!

Mazda Kai Concept Car

Added: 20 March 2018

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