​Chinese cars are proving to be more and more popular across the country, with Jaecoo being the latest brand to launch in the UK.

Jaecoo is a subsidiary of one of China’s largest automobile manufacturers Chery. It’s launched as a new off-road brand, with aspirations to release vehicles that capture the essence of urbanism without compromising on style and quality.  The name Jaecoo comes from the German ‘jäger’, meaning hunter and the English word cool.

What is the Jaecoo 7?

The Jaecoo J7 is a premium SUV that will be available in petrol and electric powertrains. With a 0-60mph of just 8 seconds and a maximum wading depth of 600mm, the J7 is equipped to handle anything that life throws at it, on the road or off it.

It’s not just practical though, it’s also beautiful with a retro-boxy exterior that offers a modern twist on an old classic and an interior that boasts all the latest mod-cons and then some.

Top features of the Jaecoo 7

The Jaecoo J7 has plenty of features that make it stand out from the crowd, so let’s explore some of them and find out just what a premium Chinese SUV gets you.

Panoramic sunroof

Jaecoo wants drivers to appreciate the world you’re driving around, so they fitted the J7 with a huge panoramic sunroof as standard, expanding the driver’s view hugely.  Measuring 1.1m2, the sunroof allows for a spacious-feeling cabin with plenty of light.

14.8” infotainment screen

Infotainment has taken the forefront in modern car design, and Jaecoo is continuing this trend with their massive 14.8” screen sitting front and centre of the J7’s interior. Not only will this Android Auto/Apple CarPlay-enabled screen allow you to control your music, it will also allow you to adjust the car’s climate control and driving modes.

Cool box under armrest

With such an adventurous car, you’re going to want some refreshments for your adventures, which is where the J7’s armrest cool box shines the brightest. Able to keep drinks or snacks cool as long as the engine is on, perfect for long road trips!

Wireless smartphone charging

If you’re on a long road trip, you’re going to want a fully charged phone, and Jaecoo didn’t want you to have to rely on unsightly cables to charge your phone so they equipped the J7 with sleek and convenient wireless charging pads.

Heated and ventilated seats

An all-terrain vehicle has to be an all-weather vehicle. Ensuring optimal comfort during all seasons is achieved with heated and ventilated seats that will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

10 safety airbags

The J7 earned 5-star NCAP rating during safety tests, in part due to its 10 airbags that will help to keep you safe should the unexpected happen.

Electric hidden door handles

Sleek and modern design is achieved with small details such as the electric hidden door handles that tuck themselves away when the car is locked and pop out when you need to open the door.

19” aluminium alloys

19” aluminium alloy wheels allow for comfort as well as style so that you can tackle difficult off-roading or smooth city roads all in the same afternoon. The 10-spoke design oozes premium luxury while delivering maximum performance.

Driver assistance

Modern driving conveniences are an essential part of any premium vehicle, which is why the J7 is fitted with cameras, sensors and safety features that greatly improve your driving experience. Blind spot detection, automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control are included as standard on the J7.

7 driving modes

The J7 is a crossover SUV that is designed to excel in a multitude of environments, which is why Jaecoo has fitted it with several driving modes. Theses driving modes change aspects of the vehicle such as firming up suspension, locking the differential and changing the sensitivity of the throttle so that you can drive in a range of conditions, including off-road, sand, eco, normal, sport, snow, mud.

When the Jaecoo J7 lands in the UK, it’s sure to make waves, offering premium SUV quality without the price tag. At Brindley, we’re proud to be one of the dealerships that Jaecoo has chosen to partner with, so if you’d like to learn more about the Jaecoo 7, get in touch on our enquiry page.