Honda Add Automatic Transmission to New Civic Range

Big news in the Honda world recently, as the efficient nine-speed automatic transmission has been added to the new Civic diesel range. The refined model is available across the Civic 1.6L i-DTEC car, with an automatic transmission capable of delivering impressive shifting refinement and a fuel economy of 68.9mpg. This goes for all grades and four-door Sedan and five-door Hatchback models. It’s exciting news, because this is the first time that a combination of a diesel engine and an automatic gearbox has become available in a Civic.

Honda Civic

The nine-speed transmission has an efficiency that can’t be beaten; and the very low first-gear ratio delivers a launch that is smooth and powerful while the high top-gear ratio delivers low engine speed while cruising. This then delivers a reduced fuel consumption and quieter purr in the car as it moves. Honda enthusiasts will love the new driving performance and efficiency of the new Civic, and with the competitive power to consumption ratios being the same class as the automatic models, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss out on. The new transmission and gearbox can power your Civic from 0 to 62mph in 11 seconds, with a top speed of 124mph. The 1.6 litre automatic transmission has recorded low CO2 emissions, and the gearbox delivers smooth shifts.

There is more personality injected into the driving experience of the new Civic than you’d imagine, and the safety upgrades make this model the most compelling ever. Honda has invested the money to make the diesel Civic range a more attractive choice than ever, with the nine ratios keeping the revs low. The set up inside the car is designed for relaxed motoring, and the slick, smart transmission means that you can deliver rapid downshifts when you ask for them.

The Civic runs nicely on the roads and the boot space is still as generous as ever and there’s enough space for comfortable travel inside the vehicle. The Civic range is a solid one, and an easy family car to drive. It’s more expensive than most budget entry level brands, but it gives you the feeling that it’s sportier to drive, which can make it feel more luxurious and upmarket. The seats in the interior are soft, supportive and come with enough adjustment to suit drivers of all heights and who want a different driving experience.

All of the new Honda Civic range are comfortable over bumps but there are cars that have an adaptive suspension system that can really help that smooth ride over the potholes. A Civic is certainly worth the consideration if you are looking for a practical family car with buckets of space, comfort and tech to keep you happy on the road. The new automatic transmission takes the ‘thinking’ out of driving and you can stop and go to your heart’s content.

Brindley Honda dealerships are centred around the West Midlands and we carry the new Civic, contact us today for more information. 

Added: 08 November 2018

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