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Have You Test Driven the Vauxhall Crossland X Yet?

We think the new Vauxhall Crossland X looks great with its bold design features, rugged appearance and the two-tone floating roof, but let’s find out what the experts think!Vauxhall Crossland X

Top Gear 7/10

”So the Crossland X is, in short, a mini MPV disguised as a crossover. Instead of the normal MPV snowplough front end, it wears the mask of an SUV. Check the high, bluff grille and lights, and a relatively flat bonnet, with a faux bash plate underneath. The sweep of the two-tone roof at the rear aims to varnish over an MPV’s fishbowl glassiness.”

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Auto Express 3/5

”The Vauxhall Crossland X is a spacious, practical and economical family car that offers loads more style and desirability than the ageing Meriva MPV. However, its positioning alongside the similarly sized Mokka X makes it a confusing proposition – especially as that car continues to sell well in an increasingly saturated market. However, if you avoid the top-spec engine and trim combinations, the Crossland X is a well-equipped and good value Nissan Juke rival with bags of space for growing families.”

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What Car? 2/5

”It’s easy to see why Vauxhall decided to add this second SUV to its range, given the popularity of such vehicles. What’s harder to make sense of is why it made it almost exactly the same size as its first, the Mokka X. The official line is that the Mokka is a traditional SUV, with butch looks and the option of four-wheel drive, whereas the Crossland X is intended to be a more family-friendly choice. To that end, all versions are front-wheel drive, which means there isn’t a driveshaft to the rear that robs the interior of usable space. The Crossland X also has deeper side windows than the Mokka to help create an airier feel inside, and it has smaller wheels, which have the potential to improve space, ride comfort and fuel efficiency.”

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Autocar 3/5

”Vauxhall took its time introducing a crossover when its rivals were busy launching theirs. But after bringing the Mokka – since updated and rebranded as the apparently more rugged sounding Mokka X – to the market, the company has found its feet. Since 2012, more than 120,000 Mokkas have been sold and now Vauxhall just can’t help itself, to the extent that it will put two more relatively compact crossovers on sale this year. This, the Crossland X, is the first. The second, the Grandland X, will be larger than its siblings. Market overkill?”

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Car Magazine 3/5

”You may think I’m damning the Vauxhall Crossland X with faint praise, and I’d struggle to dispute that. It isn’t a car that makes you yearn to take it for a spin. But that’s missing the point somewhat, because for its target market it does the job admirably well, and while we wouldn’t buy one, we suspect quite a lot of people might if sales of the Mokka X are anything to go by.”

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Honest John 3/5

”The Vauxhall Crossland X is a family-friendly, spacious and comfortable crossover. It also comes with good engine choices and generous standard kit.”

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Vauxhall Crossland X

Added: 21 November 2017

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