COVID-19 – Temporary Closure of all our Dealerships. Find Out More Information

Coronavirus (COVID-19); Q & As from Mazda

Is Mazda Uk Open :

Yes, it is business as usual. All our staff are working from home, but all functions continue as usual.  Updates on our status will be posted on our social platforms and on our website.

Can i Contact Mazda Uk Customer Service ?YES 

Mazda UK  customer service centre remain fully operational and customers can still contact us for advice and assistance. However, please respect our staff at this difficult time as response times might be longer than usual with the current high case load.  They understand your frustration and they will help as far as they can, but with restrictions in place and limited options we may not be able to solve all issues with our usual efficiency

Vehicles on Order :

Once we are allowed to re-open our dealer premises we will ensure all cars are delivered quickly. For those who ordered their cars recently there may be some delay but we will keep the customer fully informed as to when they can expect their car.

Those elements that are within our control we will ensure there is little disruption, but there will be many aspects of car delivery that are out of our control and may impact the expected delivery date

If your car is due for a service while the dealership is closed will it affect my warranty ?

This will not impact your warranty if scheduled maintenance is completed when the country is back to normal, but additional mileage must not exceed 1,875 miles over normal scheduled servicing

During the dealership closure and a service is not possible , will my warranty be cancelled?

If warranty runs out and the customer can’t get a repair completed by a dealer they will be able to put forward a warranty claim to Mazda UK team for approval.  Each case will be looked at individually as is the normal process but claims just outside warranty period can be accepted.

Added: 26 March 2020

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