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Brindley Kia Introduce Autism Hours

Every Sunday from 5th April, Brindley Kia will offer autism hours to make shopping a more comfortable experience for autistic customers and their families.

Brindley Kia have dealerships in both Wolverhampton and Tipton. They will lower the lighting, offer a quiet area as well as turning off music and screens every Sunday between 10.30am-12.30pm. The National Autistic Society says there are 700,000 people on the autism spectrum in the UK, who "see, hear and feel the world differently to other people, often in a more intense way".

Many autistic people struggle with the sensory overload during a shopping experience, the measures proposed by Brindley Kia are proven to help people with the condition. A National Autistic Society Survey found that over 60% of autistic people avoid shopping all together and 25% said they’ve been asked to leave a shop because of behaviour linked to their condition.  

Tracey Harrison, Chairperson for the National Autistic Society in Stafford, said:

“The introduction of Autism Sundays from Brindley Kia is such a positive development.  It aims to enable people on the autistic spectrum to access a car showroom with considerably reduced anxiety around the experience. Families who have children with ASC will benefit from the autism-friendly environment, especially from the increased awareness by Kia Staff around how autism can present. Adults with ASC should  also be able to feel more supported during the experience of browsing and  buying a car from Brindley Kia.  More and more retailers are recognising the importance of ‘Autism hours’ and it is wonderful to see Brindley Kia making such a huge effort in this area.”

Natalie Stevenson, Brindley Kia Brand Manager, said:

“Here at Brindley Kia we want to ensure we accommodate for all disabilities. This initiative is a fantastic way to give autistic people and those with autistic children the opportunity to view our cars in peace. If you know anyone with autism, please let them know about Autism Sunday’s. We are committed to improving shopping experience for all our customers.”

Brindley Kia is a Motability accredited dealership. To find out more about Kia Motability including their latest offers click here.

Pictured, from left to right: Tracey Harrison, Chairperson for the National Autistic Society in Stafford and Natalie Stevenson, Brindley Kia Brand Manager,. 

Added: 06 March 2020

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