Bobby Brindley makes his debut in the Cats Protection April 2022 Newsletter

Our beloved Bobby the cat is quickly becoming a local star, with his own article in the Cats Protection Wolverhampton branch newsletter.

Recently the Cats Protection Wolverhampton branch were kind enough to chip and neuter Bobby for us. Bobby had been quite a wanderer, exploring far and wide and often getting into cat fights along the way. Hopefully now his rebellious days are over!

To read the full newsletter including Bobby's first ever article on pages 14 & 15 click below.

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When we first met Bobby at the Brindley Group Operations Centre in Wolverhampton, he was clearly stray, extremely shy and skittish. After a bit of perseverance and feeding from our Vehicle Appraiser Darren, Bobby warmed to us, became tame and a daily visitor. Bobby's affectionate nature quickly won us all over and a cat flap was put into the reception, giving Bobby access to shelter, toys and food.

Nowadays Bobby is cared for at the Operations Centre by Darren and Julie, our receptionist. You can often find him asleep in Julie's filing tray or out and about with Darren in his specially made high-vis cat vest. Bobby is a very happy cat and very popular with all the staff and our customers.

Bobby Cat Misc
Bobby Cat Misc

The Brindley Group is very thankful to have received support from the Cats Protection Wolverhampton Branch. Cats Protection Wolverhampton works tirelessly for the welfare of cats and kittens. They do this through rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming unwanted cats and kittens, encouraging the neutering of all cats and kittens and informing and educating the public on their proper care needs.

The Cats Protection are always looking for support and new adopters - if you're able to give a lucky cat a home in the Wolverhampton area, head on over to their website, show your support and meet your future furry companion!

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