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All-New Kia XCeed crossover features new digital instrument cluster

The Kia XCeed Crossover has some exciting new tricks up it's sleeve

The all-new Kia XCeed urban crossover will be available with Kia’s first fully-digital 12.3-inch Supervision driver instrument cluster. Due to be fully revealed this Wednesday, 26 June 2019, the high-tech Kia XCeed will be one of the most technologically advanced compact cars when it goes on-sale, with the sale date expected to be announced soon.

The Kia XCeed’s new 12.3-inch Supervision instrument cluster is designed to deliver information as clearly as possible. Boasting a high-resolution 1920x720-pixel display, the digital cluster replaces the conventional speedometer and tachometer dials. Its single, seamless display incorporates digital dials for vehicle and engine speeds, with a fast frame-rate enabling it to react quickly and smoothly to instructions and inputs.

Controlled via the multi-function steering wheel and between the two digital dials is a multi-function display. In this portion of the cluster drivers have access to clear navigation instructions in their line of sight, as well as audio information, phone calls, contacts, and in-depth trip information. This includes live average fuel efficiency levels. The system also displays vehicle diagnostics alerts, and enables pop-up notifications linked to the car’s various active safety and driver assist technologies and live traffic and navigation system. The multi-function central display also shows cues from the car’s Driver Attention Warning system, advising drivers to take a break if it detects signs of fatigue.

When the driver parks and switches off the car, the new cluster also displays a summary of the drive which shows the time and distance driven, the average fuel efficiency achieved, and the estimated distance remaining based on current fuel levels. The new Supervision instrument cluster is available as an option in the Kia XCeed, depending on specification.

The new Supervision digital instrument cluster adapts to each mode accordingly with a range of differentiated graphics. In Normal, the display provides live fuel-efficiency gauges and traditional dials for vehicle and engine speeds. Putting the car in Sport mode, the system offers a more prominent display of vehicle and engine speeds, with a larger, clearer read-out of the car’s current speed and engine RPM. Drivers can tailor the vehicle’s handling and performance characteristics for different driving conditions, including a Sport mode adapting the car’s steering, transmission and throttle responses.

Digital clusters are a key component for handling data and displaying information from a variety of sources, and the new system means Kia is well-placed to incorporate future cutting-edge safety and powertrain technologies in its in-car displays. For instance, the cluster’s graphics capabilities make it ideal for displaying immersive information relating to the electrified powertrains found in an increasing number of Kia vehicles. The digital instrument cluster will be adapted in future to display eco gauges, drive mode and trip information, and even a display of the flow of energy between batteries and electric motors. The digital display will also provide a unique visual link to the Eco driving mode found in certain models. Kia’s new instrument cluster will be introduced to other mild-hybrid, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles in future.

The Kia XCeed Crossover will be available at Brindley Kia in due course. To contact our showrooms and find out more click here.

Added: 24 June 2019

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