Finding a car that really stands out can be tricky, not to mention finding a model that suits your lifestyle, needs and budget. Some brands, however, are definitely breaking the mould, with Omoda being the latest one to land in the UK.

Omoda is a newly-established Chinese brand launching in the UK market with the Omoda 5, an exceptionally versatile mid-sized SUV.

With so many unique features, here we take a look at some of the most eye-catching features of the Omoda 5.

What is the Omoda 5?

The Omoda 5 is the brand’s first foray into the UK’s car market, tapping into the love of SUV/crossovers that are so popular on British roads.

Omoda was launched in 2022 in China and has since expanded to other markets across Asia and Eastern Europe.

The 5 is the first car that Omoda is launching in the UK, coming with a 1.6 litre turbocharged petrol engine along with a fully electric E5 launching alongside the traditionally fuelled car.

Introducing advanced features of the Omoda 5

The Omoda 5 sets itself apart with some outstanding features from both a safety and convenience point of view. Let’s explore these features further!

Futuristic silhouette

The striking silhouette of the 5 isn’t just beautiful, but it’s functional. With increased aerodynamic efficiency and streamlined angles, the exterior design contributes to better fuel economy than other cars in its class.

Advanced LED optics

T-shaped daytime running lights provide an aggressive looking stance on the road while offering improved safety with powerful LED headlights that can light up the darkest roads.

Sports seats

The sporty design of the Omoda 5 doesn’t stop at the interior, with sporty seats designed to cradle both driver and passenger with extra comforts such as heating and ventilation to accommodate for the everchanging weather of the UK.

Intelligent ADAS system

The Omoda 5 is packed full of advanced safety features such as adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking, and automatic low/high beam switching to make your life that little bit easier and safer.

Omoda 5

Wireless phone charging

Omoda knows just how annoying cables can be, especially in a car, so they fitted not one but two wireless charging pads in the cockpit to avoid the hassle of untangling messy wires when you need to give your phone some juice.

Digital multimedia complex

Continuing the futuristic look of the 5, Omoda has equipped the car with dual LCD displays, one replacing physical dials such as the speedometer and rev counter, and the other acting as the infotainment system fitted with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard so you can take full advantage of your favourite streaming and navigation apps while you drive!

The Omoda 5 is set to take UK’s roads by storm offering convenience and safety, beautiful design and technology all for a fraction of the cost of a comparable European car.

If you’re looking for a car that will deliver you in style and comfort, and turn a few heads while it does it, you should definitely consider the Omoda 5 as your next new car! Get in touch today to register your interest and enquire about Test Drive bookings, which are coming soon at Brindley Group.