Motability Scheme FAQ's regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

As the COVID-19 situation changes we understand that you may have a few questions about how it will affect leasing a Motability vehicle from the Brindley Group.

Please see below for some of our most commonly asked questions. If you have a question that has not been covered, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

I am due to collect my new car, am I still able to do this?


The Motability Scheme will remain open and the handover of new Scheme cars can take place as long as your dealership is able to safely do this on their premises, which could include their car park, while complying with local regulations. Please contact your dealership directly to understand how this might affect the collection of your new car. Please also note that the dealership’s facilities are likely to be closed.

Am I able to place an application for a Motability Scheme car?


We can accept new applications for the Motability Scheme if your dealership is able to place this application on your behalf within the local regulations. Your dealer may be able to manage your application without your needing to be at the dealership, however this will be down to individual dealerships and whether they have the capacity to manage your application within the local regulations.

I am an existing customer. When can I place an application for my next car?


If you are in the final three months of your lease or have had your lease extended due to COVID-19 and you know which car you would like to place an application for, please contact your dealership and discuss whether they are able to place an application for you at this time.

For your peace of mind, and to ensure we continue to offer you worry-free motoring, if you haven’t placed a new order, or you don’t return your car on the date your lease is due to end, we will automatically extend your lease for six months, even if you have already had a lease extension due to the COVID situation. You will also automatically receive a Certificate of Motor Insurance or a temporary cover note from RSA Motability (RSAM) covering this six-month period. You can place a new order, or return your car, at any point during this six-month lease extension.

Do I need to make an appointment at my dealership to place an application?


Yes, social distancing arrangements mean that all dealerships are having to plan more carefully. You will need to make an appointment so that they can dedicate enough time to help you find the right car and let you know how COVID-19 is affecting their services. You can find out more about the measures we have in place ​by visiting our Covic 19 news update page

Has COVID-19 affected car delivery times?


The length of time it takes for your car to be delivered could vary considerably due to the disruption experienced by car manufacturers during this time. It is worth checking with the dealership if the car you are interested in is in stock or whether it will need to be ordered from the manufacturer, which may well mean a delay. There may well be a comparable car from a different manufacturer, so it is worth considering this before you place your order.

I am an existing customer, but do not want to place an order for my next car at the moment, what are my options?


Where possible, we strongly recommend customers start their search in the usual way and place an order in the last three months of their lease. 

Social distancing and disrupted supply chains from manufacturers mean factories are producing fewer cars than usual which will result in a shortfall of new car supply in the near future. It’s possible that deliveries of some new cars will be delayed. Others may simply not be available for the foreseeable future. And prices of other cars may, sadly, have to rise and this is likely to continue over the coming months. For these reasons you may want to consider choosing and ordering your next car now, rather than extending your lease.

I had my lease extended by six months due to the COVID situation, when can I place a new order?


If you had your lease extended due to the COVID situation you do not have to wait until the end of your six-month extension to place an application if your dealer is able to do this for you whilst operating within local regulations. Please contact your dealership directly to understand whether they are able to place your application for you at this time .

I’m thinking of applying for a Grant from Motability, the Charity, what do I do?


The Grants team at Motability (the Charity) have reopened their charitable grants programme and are accepting applications from all beneficiaries. Their phone lines are open between 10.00am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday. Due to anticipated increased demand, call waiting times may be longer than usual. For more information please visit their website

I do not want to place a renewal application at the end of my lease, how do I hand my car back?


If you do not want to place a renewal application at the end of your lease, please contact your dealership to make an appointment to return the vehicle. If your dealership is closed, or unable to accept the vehicle, then contact us on 0300 456 4566 so we can discuss arrangements.