Motability Scheme Adaptations

Create a Motability Car Compatible with Your Needs

Staying mobile should be possible for everyone, no matter your situation or requirements. That’s why the Motability Scheme offers a vast choice of vehicle adaptations ranging from simple driving controls to electric hoists able to lift a wheelchair user into their car. Through Motability you can customise your car to support your needs and allow you to enjoy life on the roads, worry-free!

Finding the Motability Adaptions Which Are Right for You

There are three types of adaptations available for Motability users:

  • Driving Adaptations – For Motability customers who wish to drive themselves and provide assistance where required for an improved and accessible driving experience and these include; hand controls, electronic accelerators, left foot accelerators, pedal modifications, steering aids and remote-control devices.
  • Stowage Adaptations – For Motability customers who require a scooter, wheelchair or other equipment and involve customising the vehicle to safely transport these items, options include boot hoists & rooftop boxes
  • Access Adaptations – Providing assistance for getting in and out of the vehicle and include transfer plates, swivel seats and person hoists.

Of course, these three categories contain hundreds of individual adaptations tailored to every requirement. Many adaptations are available completely free of charge under the scheme, however, more complicated adaptations such as swivel seats can require payment. If you need expensive adaptations and are struggling to pay there can be financial help available, also via the Motability Scheme.

Contact Brindley Motability

The best way to find the most suitable motability adaptations for your needs is to Contact Brindley Garages. Your local dealership will introduce you to a personal Motability advisor, who will talk through your requirements face-to-face or over the phone.  They will suggest the adaptations that will make life easiest for you, let you know which vehicles these are available on, how much they will cost and what financial help is available should you require it.

Once you’ve settled on the adaptations you need your Motability advisor can order these to be fitted ahead of your lease. That means when you come to pick up your new Motability car you can drive away with everything taken care of.


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