Volvo EX90
EX90 Purchase from £96,255

Volvo EX90. Meet the new fully electric EX90, a premium 7-seater SUV that defines a new era for safety.

The biggest and most powerful car that Volvo has ever produced, the EX90 boasts a luxurious interior with a clean, simplistic design. New rear LED lights looping around the Volvo badge on rear with squared off angles create a professional, structured look.

Featuring a stylish back-lit wooden trim on the dashboard and an intriguing 14.5" portrait infotainment system, Volvo EX90 owns a smart executive style, leaving little to be desired.

The Volvo EX90 is loaded with various technology and safety features looking over you whilst on the move. Featuring their latest LiDAR technology, the EX90 will continuously scan the environment ahead using accurate light detection to detect objects in the road and help vastly reduce accidents in your new Volvo. The Volvo EX90 also features Enhanced Driver Assistance meaning that the car will assist in watching traffic and lane markings whilst adapting your speed and distances in various weather conditions. Furthermore, your EX90 can detect when you are unresponsive and can apply the brakes on your car to a standstill within the lane for your safety.

Available in 8 premium colours: Crystal White, Onyx Black, Denim Blue, Platinum Grey, Silver Dawn, Mulberry Red, Vapour Grey and Sand Dune.

By purchasing a Volvo EX90 you are doing your bit for the planet not only since it is a zero-emission electric vehicle, but its interior is also produced using 50kg of recycled plastic and various renewable natural materials.

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Meet Volvo EX90. Loaded with all the latest technology including a quicker and more convenient infotainment system that ever before.
QUICKER AND EASIER THAN EVER Infotainment Made Easy The new high-performance core computer on the Volvo EX90 make the infotainment system quicker and more convenient than ever before. The EX90's central portrait 14.5" screen is the focal point on the interior and with Google built in, you can gain access to Google Maps and other various apps available on the Google Play Store. Also, with Apple CarPlay available in the Volvo EX90 as standard, you can safely stay connected with all our favourite apps while on your travels.
INVISIBLE SHIELD OF SAFETY LiDAR Technology Volvo EX90 features radars, cameras and ultrasonic sensors complimented with Volvo's latest LiDAR technology which repeatedly scans the entire environment in front of the car. With these scans, Volvo EX90 can create an understanding of its surroundings enabling accurate estimations of the shapes and sizes of objects in the way. LiDAR can detect when the driver needs additional support and intervenes for yours and other peoples safety.
SMOOTH & POWERFUL A Drive to Remember Say no to range anxiety. With the Volvo EX90 get up to an excellent 363 miles of electric range and with rapid charging capabilities you can charge from 10%-80% in as little as 30 minutes. Volvo EX90 provides a smooth and powerful drive and available with two separate powertrains: Twin Motor Standard and Twin Motor Performance. On the latter spec can accelerate from 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds allowing smooth, electric performance in Volvo's safest car yet.
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