Get 10,000 Free EV Charging Miles Purchase a new Nissan EV, a PodPoint Solo 3 Homecharger, and sign up to EDF’s GoElectric Overnight tariff. Your EDF account will then be credited with £228.56, the equivalent of 10,000 miles of driving range.


Electric vehicle (EV) owners could save a significant amount of money compared to the single-rate price cap set by OFGEM when they log 10,000 miles on EDF's 'GoElectric Overnight' plan, which boasts the UK's lowest off-peak EV rates that are compatible with all types of electric vehicles.

From now until January 15, 2024, when you purchase a Pod Point Solo 3 7kW home charger alongside a new Nissan LEAF, ARIYA, or Townstar EV, you not only have the option to spread the charger's cost across your monthly vehicle payments but also the opportunity to switch to EDF's 'GoElectric Overnight' tariff. As a bonus, once you've enrolled in this tariff, you'll receive the equivalent of 10,000 EV miles credited to your EDF account.

An EV tariff designed specifically like EDF's 'GoElectric Overnight' can result in substantial savings. These savings extend beyond your electric vehicle and encompass all electricity consumption during off-peak hours at your residence. This means you can potentially save even more by utilizing the timer function on high-energy appliances, such as dishwashers, to run them during the overnight hours.

For more details on this offer, the Pod Point Solo 3 7kW home charger, and EDF's customized EV charging plan, 'GoElectric Overnight,' please refer to the information below.


1. Purchase a New Nissan ARIYA, LEAF or Townstar EV.

2. Order the award-winning Pod Point Solo 3, 7kW home charger from Brindley Nissan.

3. Claim the offer by switching to EDF (if you're not already with them) and completing the online claim application. This will be sent to you by Pod Point after you have scheduled your charger installation.

4. Installation of your new Pod Point Solo 7kW home charger will be completed by specialist installers.

5. Drive your Nissan EV up to 10,000 miles for free, with a credit of £228.56 applied to your EDF account.


  • Pod Point are industry leaders in customer satisfaction, achieving a 4.6/5 rating across over 37,000 reviews on ''.
  • 7kW chargers are the fastest and safest available for homes with single phase power.
  • They’re up to 3x faster than using a 3-pin plug charging cable.
  • Nissan’s partnership with Pod Point gives customers an upgraded 5-year warranty as standard.
  • You can schedule charging remotely via the mobile app, and set your EV to charge at a time that best suits you.
  • With the Auto Power Balancing feature, you can charge without ever disrupting your other home appliances.
  • Ensure that with automatic software updates, your charger is always up to date with the latest features.


  • Designed exclusively for EV drivers
  • Fixed Pricing for a year – your price will be fixed, giving you peace of mind that even if prices go up, your rates won’t change
  • Backed by 100% zero carbon electricity^
  • Available to all new and existing customers
  • 35 total off-peak hours every week at just 8p per kWh
  • Enjoy 5 hours of 0ff-peak electricity every night between 12am to 5am during winter (GMT) and 1am-6am during British Summer Time (BST) 


Remember you can simplify going electric by getting your Nissan LEAF, ARIYA or Townstar EV home charger and standard home installation included in a single monthly payment over your finance term, available through Nissan Finance in all Nissan dealerships.

The Pod Point Solo 3 home charger is available in with or without cables (tethered and untethered), with prices from £1,024 including VAT and standard installation.

To find out more contact us or browse our home charger range below.

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Terms and Conditions

10,000 driving miles, equating to an energy value of 2,857kWh and a monetary value of £228.56 including VAT*, credited to the customer’s electricity bill upon EDF verification of the qualifying criteria as being fulfilled. (*The 10,000 miles is calculated on an average driving efficiency of 3.5 miles per kWh of charge and EDF’s GoElectric Overnight tariff’s current off-peak rate kWh price of 8p/kWh (correct as of 21st August 2023). Full terms and conditions at

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