With the quick rise of the electric vehicle market, more and more drivers are making the switch to emission-free driving, therefore the demand for the reliable infrastructure and tools is becoming increasingly apparent. Step forward, Zapmap; the ground-breaking platform that allows drivers to navigate throughout the world of EV motoring.

What is Zapmap?

Zapmap is an online platform that provides a UK-wide map of all the electric car charging points to help EV drivers locate their nearest charging point when on their travels. On this platform, drivers can also search and filter for electric charging points whilst also being also plan the best route for your drive in your EV with the smart route planner.

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Zapmap Premium

With thousands of charging points dotted all around the UK, with Zapmap Premium, you can easily find them in your car with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality. So, thanks to Zapmap Premium, you can follow your route plan on your car dashboard on a live map with live status updates while on the move.

You also get to access to detailed filtering and location types giving you more ways to locate suitable chargers. From finding brand-new charging points, to the highest rated, navigate quick and easy with Zapmap Premium.

When you purchase an EV, you could also benefit from receiving a 3-year Zapmap Premium subscription completely free of charge to help making the transition to electric even smoother.

The Evolution of Zapmap

Since its creation back in 2011, Zapmap has undergone significant development to help grow the platform to where it is at today to meet the needs of the EV community. The platform boasts over 50,000 charging points throughout the UK and Europe.

In addition to its mapping capabilities, Zapmap also has a range of services to assist those upon making the transition to electric motoring. These services consist of the previously mentioned route planning tools, charging calculators, ‘Zap-Pay’ to easily pay for your charge and various online guides and news articles to help you along your EV journey.

Nissan Electric Models​

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