• Heavily revised exterior design to seduce crossover customers
  • Elevated interior ambiance thanks to new materials and trim
  • Updated infotainment and convenience technology, including addition of features with Google built-in
  • New N-Design grade for enhanced visual appeal
  • Available with e-POWER, Nissan's unique and innovative powertrain

Nothing stands still for long in the highly competitive crossover segment that Nissan pioneered with the original Qashqai. Over the past 3 years since its introduction, the third-generation Nissan Qashqai surged ahead of the competition, selling over 350,000 units across Europe and maintaining its position as the quintessential crossover - the pioneer and still the benchmark. The uphold its dominance within the market, Nissan have given it a thorough aesthetic refresh alongside substantial technological enhancements.

From bold changes to its exterior styling to comprehensive updates to the infotainment and connected services on-board, the philosophy behind the changes to Qashqai is to keep the essence of what consumers love about the car, enhance its strengths and add even more intuitive and convenient technology.

Updated Exterior Design

The new Qashqai boasts a sharp and modern dynamism thanks to its refreshed design.

The front grille has been updated to create a more striking first impression. Inspired by the patterns of ancient Japanese armour scales, it now consists of dozens of high-gloss, three-dimensional, comma-shaped elements which appear to float in the space between the lip of the bonnet and the licence plate.

On either side of the central area on the front grille, sleek "commas" create a unique triangular pattern which extend the new headlights to a point adjacent to the licence plate and are finished in a ”satin chrome” hot foil stamp (on the top-grade version).

The flanks of the front bumper match the body colour whilst a sleek high-gloss black strip stretches across the width of the car beneath the licence plate.

Below the main lens, the daytime running lights consist of five small lenses which are the same shape as the “commas” of the main grille.

The daytime running lights now encircle the main headlight lens, joining with the thin light above the headlight which is similar to the unit on the previous Qashqai, but now has an illuminated “Nissan” on its outboard edge.

The upper daytime running light element becomes the turn indicator when activated and, for the first time, features sequential turning lights (according to the grade).

At the rear, while the overall shape of the lights remains the same from the previous model, their internal configuration has undergone a redesign. Now, the red lighting components consist of four distinct elements mirroring the "commas" on the front grille.

They appear as if they are floating within the lens housing sporting a unique hue labelled "Super Red", bringing a sense of elevated precision.

The rear bumper has been reshaped and now features harmonised colour - either gloss black on the higher grade versions or body-coloured on the new N-Design grade.

Additionally, when observed from the side profile, the updated Qashqai in the higher trim levels showcases a new glossy black finish adorning the body beneath the doors and wheel arches.

The New Nissan Qashqai sports newly introduced 18-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels ,now as standard on the mid-grade Qashqai. However, if you opt for the higher grades, you have the option of a fresh 19” alloy option and an all-new 20” diamond-cut alloy wheel design.

Updates to the Qashqai's Visual Geometry

Three new colours have been to the Qashqai's palette. Pearl White is new and features a cleaner, pure tint that appears to give a glow in certain lighting conditions. Pearl Black replaces the previous black option with a richer black tint. Another eye-catching new colour is Deep Ocean which appears to sit somewhere been a dark blue and metallic teal dependant on light conditions.

Five of the Qashqai colours – Pearl White, Deep Ocean, Fuji Red, Magnetic Blue and Ceramic Grey – are available in two-tone, with a black roof for a more distinctive look.

New N-Design Grade

A new addition to the Nissan Qashqai line-up is the N-Design grade. Tailored to appeal to all Qashqai customers who seek a distinctive flair by featuring aesthetic enhancements. Externally, the N-Design boasts body-coloured lower sections below the doors and along the wheel arches. Additionally, it boasts brand-new 20-inch alloy wheels, taking its on-road presence to new heights.

Upgraded Interior Trim

After being captivated by the refreshed exterior, potential or current Qashqai enthusiasts will find their curiosity piqued as they delve into the reimagined interior.

For the top-tier models (N-Design and Tekna+), Alcantara finds new applications on the dashboard, door inserts, armrests, centre storage console lid, and even the knee pads, enhancing the onboard atmosphere.

New patterned materials embellish the centre console surrounding the gear selector and the decorative insert between the upper dashboard and glovebox, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail inherent in Japanese craftsmanship.

Across the higher trims of the Qashqai line-up, updated seat trims have been introduced to further elevate the premium feel of the interior.

Enhancing the elevated on-board experience is the introduction of ambient lighting on the N-Connecta, N-Design grades and beyond. Advanced red/green/blue LEDs are discreetly positioned enable drivers or passengers to personalised their interior lighting to match their mood. However, in the top two grades, these LEDs extend to the rear seats too meaning all passengers can enjoy the ambience. Control over the ambient lighting settings is conveniently accessible via the central infotainment system.

"The refreshed Qashqai embodies a more technical aesthetic, characterized by intricate textures and captivating details. Drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese battle attire, which seamlessly combines craftsmanship with strength, we've meticulously crafted the front and rear lighting to evoke a sense of precision and sophistication. Inside, the introduction of new materials and ambient lighting further enriches the onboard experience. We're confident that crossover enthusiasts will embrace these enhancements," Matthew Weaver, Vice President of Nissan Design Europe.

Enhanced Technology

The rapid advancement of the automotive industry now intricately intertwines with developments in digital and progressing technology. In this area, the updated Qashqai has harnessed that progress to make the daily driving experience even more intuitive and reassuring.

Among the enhancements, one of the most frequently utilized features on the Qashqai has undergone a substantial upgrade. The Around View Monitor (AVM), a hallmark Nissan technology dating back to 2007, has been notably refined.

​The upgraded AVM system now offers a 3D function, providing the driver with a comprehensive view of the car from various angles to detect potential hazards. It includes eight different camera viewpoints, allowing visualization from the front, rear, sides, or corners.

Working alongside Nissan’s Moving Object Detection system, AVM alerts the driver to moving objects in the vicinity.

Additionally, the "invisible hood view" feature displays the front wheels' position as seen from behind, aiding precise maneuvering in tight spaces, like multi-storey car parks with concrete curbs.

A new feature, "Parking Spot Location Memory," enables the Qashqai driver to save frequently-used parking locations. Using GPS, the car automatically recognizes these spots, ensuring perfect parking each time, particularly in tight spaces.

Updated Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

The driver assistance systems have been significantly enhanced to ensure heightened vigilance and intervention, offering utmost peace of mind.

Autonomous Emergency Braking functions, including Front Emergency Brake, Pedestrian Front Emergency Brake, Front Emergency Brake Cyclist, and Intelligent Emergency Brake, have been refined for quicker risk detection and response to potential collisions.

Emergency Stop Signal activates during emergency braking, flashing the rear brake lights to alert vehicles behind when sudden braking occurs above 60km/h.

The Emergency Lane Keep System now activates automatically upon Qashqai startup, engaging Lane Departure Warning and Lane Departure Prevention systems at speeds exceeding 60km/h.

The system issues a haptic warning, vibrating the steering wheel if the car approaches either the central lines or the roadside.

The Intelligent Speed Assistance system, which adjusts the vehicle's speed to match the current speed limit using camera and GPS data, has been improved. A flashing icon alerts the driver when exceeding the speed limit, now accompanied by an audible alarm if the speed isn't reduced.

Google Built-In

The refreshed Qashqai is the first vehicle in Nissan’s European range with the suite of Google built-in, which makes a near-seamless interaction between a customer’s digital life and their vehicle.

The updated Qashqai is available with Google Maps and, once signed-in with a personal Google Account, drivers can access their favourite locations and points of interest. This reduces the dependence on a mobile phone and cellular phone network. Over-the-air updates ensure the map information is always current.

Google Assistant enables drivers to utilize voice commands for hands-free assistance while driving. By simply saying "Hey Google," they can control the vehicle's ventilation system, adjust heated seats and windscreen settings, or navigate to their next destination. Furthermore, drivers can make phone calls and listen to audio instructions without diverting their attention from the road.

Additionally, drivers can access a variety of apps from the Google Play store, allowing them to conveniently enjoy their favourite music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more directly from their vehicle.

“The addition of Google built-in to the Qashqai reflects Nissan’s spirit of innovation. Integrating this suite of digital technology will allow our customers to have the convenience that they enjoy from their smartphones, integrated into their cars,” Guillaume Pelletreau, Region VP Electrification & Connectivity and new Revenues and Marketing & Sales Transformations, Nissan AMIEO (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe & Oceania) region.

e-POWER: a unique and innovative powertrain

Continuing the pioneering legacy of the original Qashqai and the inception of the crossover segment, e-POWER stands out as a distinctive electrified powertrain, captivating customers since its debut in 2022.

In engineering, simplicity often reigns supreme, and e-POWER embodies this principle seamlessly.

With e-POWER, the petrol engine generates electricity to power the wheels, presenting a simpler solution compared to traditional hybrids on the market today.

The petrol engine generates electricity to power the wheels, offering a simpler alternative to traditional hybrids. This results in a drive experience that blends responsiveness, refinement, and efficiency without sacrificing driving pleasure. With e-POWER, customers no longer have to settle for a mediocre driving experience as they do with traditional hybrids.

Since its September 2022 launch on both the Qashqai and X-Trail, Nissan has sold over 100,000 e-POWER-equipped vehicles in Europe, with customers embracing the electric drive sensation.

Refreshed Qashqai

The teams behind the updated Qashqai aimed to enhance its beloved qualities while introducing new innovations. Now in production at Nissan Sunderland Plant, where over 1.3 million units have been built since its 2007 launch, the Qashqai has become the plant's most manufactured model.

Last summer marked the production of the eleven millionth vehicle since 1986. According to Arnaud Charpentier, Vice President of Product Strategy for Nissan's AMIEO region, the updates aim to elevate its visual appeal, notably with the new N-Design grade, and add convenience with Google built-in features. These updates, along with the innovative e-POWER electrified powertrain, reinforce Nissan's position as pioneers in the crossover segment.