Winter is coming

The temperature is starting to drop and with fears of snow always on the horizon, it’s best to make sure you and your car are prepared!

There are just a few main things we should all be doing when it comes to getting out and about in the winter.

Firstly, get your car ready. Top up your screen wash and anti-freeze and make sure any warning lights or windscreen cracks are repaired. The cold can really take its toll on your car and you don’t want to be caught out waiting for a rescue truck if it could have been avoided!

Don’t forget to make sure your tyres are road legal, not only will this stop you getting in trouble with the police, but it’ll help aid grip for a better drive.

Secondly, prepare yourselves. Keep an emergency kit in your car such as:

  • First aid kit
  • Snow shoes or wellies in case of deep snow
  • A high vis vest or bright coloured clothing
  • De-icer and scraper
  • Phone charger

Plan all trips in advance. If the snow falls, we all know everything comes to a halt! Check local news for up to date traffic and weather warnings and plan your route ahead of time to favour main roads. If your journey isn't urgent, why not stay in the warm instead or take a walk if its not too far away. 

Lastly, if you must drive, drive carefully and have lots of patience. The cold weather and snow can make stopping distances 10 times longer and this makes tailgating even more risky. Give all road users plenty of room (this includes cyclists, motorbikes and public transport) and don’t forget to be patient with less confident drivers. Take your time on the road and keep manoeuvres slow and steady. 

Don't forget to clear all snow off of your car before you drive off, not only can the snow fall and obscure your view, but it could also get in the way of someone else and cause a collision. You could also be slapped with a driving fine or points on your license! 

We’ve got a great 25-point winter check for £25 at Brindley Vauxhall in Cannock, we’ll check your car over, top up fluids, give recommendations and we’ve got a choice of treats for you to choose from when booking with us! Book here now.

Added: 25 January 2019

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