Will a Car Dealer Settle my Finance?

Motor Vehicle Finance

The automotive world moves so fast these days. It seems as though with every year there’s a new evolution in the industry, bringing us brand new models to tempt us or reinventing the tried and true to create new incarnations of old favourites. From new safety features like lane assist technology, parking sensors and auto-braking safety systems to unparalleled comfort and convenience with Bluetooth connectivity and screen mirroring technologies allowing you quick and easy access to your mobile devices safely through your dashboard. For those of us who keep a finger on the pulse, it can be a source of enormous temptation when the new models roll out. With so much to look forward to in the new year, it’s likely that you’ll be casting a casual eye around the dealerships of the West Midlands searching for great deals. Just hypothetically, of course. While you’re still paying off the finance on your existing car, these incredible deals on great new and used cars are out of your reach for the time being… Or are they?

Settling your finance

If you still have a balance to repay on your existing car, the great news is that this needn’t prohibit you from taking advantage of the great offers available on a wide range of new and used cars from your favourite brands like Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Vauxhall and Volvo. Just because you haven’t yet settled your finance doesn’t mean that you can’t still get a great part exchange deal on a new car of your choice.

How it works

Simply bring your car in to us and we’ll prepare you a fantastic part exchange deal on your existing car. Don’t worry, we’ll take all of the leg work out of it for you, settling your finance with your existing provider so that all you have to worry about is finding the perfect new car for you. If your car is worth more than you owe, you can use the equity on the vehicle as a deposit towards a brand-new car. Even if your car is in negative equity it’s likely that we’ll still be able to help you. Keep in mind that if you have a great deal of negative equity and are over 50% of the way through your finance agreement you are well within your rights to hand the car back to the finance company. Whatever the case we can work out a finance package to suit your personal circumstances to bring you the car of your dreams!


An alternative to this would be if you were to sell your vehicle privately. This way you can clear the finance on your existing vehicle and use the money you have gained as a deposit on your brand-new vehicle. However, this approach comes with caveats. Selling your car can be a lengthy and stressful process, by which time you may have missed out on the perfect deal on the car of your dreams.

Drop in to see how we can help you

At Brindley garages, we’re committed to bringing our customers across Cannock, West Bromwich, Wolverhampton and West Bromwich the very best deals on our incredible range of new and used vehicles. If you have any questions about Motor Vehicle Finance come and join us for a coffee while our friendly and experienced professionals help you to find the right car with the right finance package for you! Speak to us today using our online contact form.

Motor Vehicle Finance

Added: 17 October 2018

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