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Warranty Services A range of products for added peace of mind Whether your vehicle is nearing the end of its manufacturer’s warranty or your annual mileage is higher than average, we have a number of options to extend your vehicle’s warranty cover.

Warranty products range

With a choice of products tailored to suit your vehicle's age and mileage, and the option to pay as you go, we've got you covered.​

Extended Warranty​

Covers the cost of many repairs should your Mitsubishi unexpectedly experience a mechanical or electrical fault. This includes both the replacement of components and the cost of labour.​

Mileage Extension Warranty

Increases the manufacturer's warranty mileage limit from 62,500 miles to 125,000 miles within 5 years of first registration, whilst keeping the same high level of new car warranty cover.​

MOT Protection

Covers the cost of a wide range of components should your vehicle fail its next MOT test.​

Enquire with us today for helpful advice on which Mitsubishi warranty product would benefit you the most.

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