Brindley Fixed Price Value Servicing

Brindley Fixed Price Value Servicing Only £99

  • Fit car protection kit
  • Drain and refill engine oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Check operation and condition of lights
  • Check condition of wiper blades
  • Test, adjust and top up screen wash operation
  • Visually inspect cooling system and test antifreeze
  • Inspect visual condition of auxiliary belts
  • Top up brake fluid levels
  • Top up battery electrolyte level
  • Top up power steering fluid level
  • Note any damage to body/upholstery
  • Visual inspection of front brake pads
  • Check wheel bearings and ball joints
  • Inspect tyres & set pressures, report tread depth
  • Assess brakes, steering and suspension
  • Check for abnormal noises on road test
  • Check operation of heating system
  • Check condition/operation of seatbelts
  • Adjust handbrake
  • Inspect brake hoses and pipes
  • Inspect suspension mountings
  • Inspect shock absorbers
  • Inspect drive shafts, joints and gaiters
  • Inspect track rod ends
  • Examine exhaust system and mountings
  • Assess engine performance and noise levels
  • Check clutch for free play
  • Check gear shift quality
  • Check steering for feel, stability, pull or wander
  • Check operation of all instruments
  • Check horn operation and tone
  • Check heated rear screen
  • Check central locking, windows, sunroof & mirrors
  • Check cooling system for leaks
  • Top up gear box oil level (If applicable)
  • Inspect under body corrosion
  • Torque wheel nuts to correct setting
  • Lubricate all door locks and hinges
  • Brake fluid test
  • Provide defect report
  • Road test

*Excludes platinum and iridium tipped spark plugs. **Additional costs for air filter if required. Please consult your handbook for your Manufacturer service requirements and their warranty and terms and conditions

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