Mitsubishi Mirage Make a Bold Statement From £10,575

The New Mitsubishi Mirage – A car that is effortlessly efficient, with looks so good it could stop traffic and a performance that makes it a joy to drive. The Mirage is the ideal small family car with flexible seating, plenty of luggage space and it's really easy to park making it perfect for the city.

With two trim levels, the Mirage Verve and Mirage Design Pro, both with their own great touches and enhancements the 20MY Mirage is designed to make commuting so much easier. Starting with the Verve grade the Mirage enables full connectivity, advanced safety systems and highly efficient driving with surprising power particularly for its size.

Experience the safest, strongest, comfiest and most fuel efficient Mirage yet at Brindley Mitsubishi, Cannock.

    From £10,575
    The Mirage Verve is the handy little car that's been designed for your convenience. It's highly fuel-efficient and has a versatile interior which allows you to create more space. It also comes with automatic rain sensing wipers and Bluetooth hands free telephone system to make your commute easier.
    Design Pro
    From £12,520
    The Mirage Design Pro is the compact city car that gives you more. Fitted with larger 15" alloys, a high-tech entertainment system and Keyless Operation System (KOS) with engine start/stop, the Mitsubishi Mirage Design Pro could be the perfect version for you.
    Design The Mirage is a genuine compact that punches above it's weight. From it's sleek exterior to spacious and versatile interior it has both the attitude and the goods to stand out from the crowd.
    Exterior Styling The Mitsubishi Mirage features a sleek, aerodynamic profile, set on 15-inch alloy wheels giving it a daring attitude. It's distinctive face, expressive sides and rounded back give the Mirage it's refined look whilst it's Electric Folding Mirrors and Dusk Sensing Headlights prove it's got more than just looks.
    Interior Design Inside, experience the most comfortable Mirage yet, with seating built for optimum back support and plenty of head and leg room for five adults and foldable rear seats for extra cargo capacity. There's also plenty of handy storage features such as cup-holders, large front door pockets and hooks for your shopping bags.
    Aerodynamics Not only do the looks on the New Mirage stop traffic, it's sharp lines and rounded back were also engineered for high-speed stability. So thanks to its compact, streamlined shape you can weave gracefully through the city of navigate narrow country roads with ease. This smart design choice is also one of the reasons it's fuel efficiency is so good.
    Technology Featuring the best in Mitsubishi's advanced safety systems, full connectivity from the base model and up and a highly efficient MIVEC engine, this small car is a force to be reckoned with.
    Connectivity Starting with the Verve grade the Mirage enables full connectivity with Bluetooth music streaming, moving up the range you will enjoy a 6.5" display screen complete with Mitsubishi Global Navigation and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. All of which can be controlled with steering wheel mounted controls or the centre console.
    Performance The Mirage boasts superior efficiency, thanks to its streamlined body reducing drag and its 1.2 MIVEC Engine. But the Mirage doesn’t trade responsive performance for fuel efficiency – the highly compact engine sips fuel while delivering optimal power, so whether you’re commuting or taking a road trip you can enjoy the sporty handling for longer.
    Safety The Mitsubishi Mirage excels at keeping its occupants safe, no matter how many miles you do. With intelligent safety systems such as Hill Start Assist, Active Stability Control with Traction Control and Electronic Brake-Force Distribution looking out for you, you'll never have felt more safe in a small car before.
    Your Next Steps To learn more about the Mirage get in touch with our friendly team at your local Brindley Mitsubishi dealership