Alloy Wheel Insurance

Why should I consider Alloy Wheel Insurance?

Alloy Wheel Insurance is designed to maintain the appearance of your alloys by giving you easy access to repairs for annoying scuffs or scrapes that occur as a result of everyday driving. When you come to sell the car, or your lease agreement comes to an end, you won’t lose out because of the damage to the alloy wheels.

Let us take the stress out of a frustrating situation with an alloy wheel insurance policy to fit your needs.

What does Alloy Wheel Insurance cover?

  • We cover wheels up to 23” in diameter.
  • Vehicles up to 3,500kg gross weight.
  • Vehicles up to 7 years old and up to 100,000 miles at start of cover.
  • Alloys only, tyres are not covered.

How can Alloy Wheel Insurance help?

If your alloy wheels suffer minor cosmetic damage from scrapes or scratches, Alloy Wheel Insurance will contribute £150 to the cost of repair to keep your alloy wheels looking fresher for longer. In fact, if the alloy wheel is damaged to the extent that a cosmetic or lathe skim repair cannot be carried out, then it will pay £150 contribution toward a replacement wheel. Available over 3 years the aggregate claim limit is 10 claims to a maximum of £1500.

Who can apply?

Alloy Wheel Insurance is available:

  • if the vehicle is less than 7 years old and has covered fewer than 100,000 miles at the start of the policy;
  • the alloy wheels fitted to the vehicle are of the original manufacturer’s specification and are not of split rim construction or polished (chromed) finish;
  • to private individuals who are the registered owner and keeper of the vehicle and who are resident in the United Kingdom
  • Cover must be purchased within 30 days following the delivery date of your vehicle


  • Down load the AutoProtect app
  • Make your claim via the easy-to-use AutoProtect app. Simply upload images of the wheel within 30 days of the damage
  • Once your claim is approved, arrange and pay for the repair or replacement.
  • Supply the invoice and the relevant details and the insurer will swiftly pay the contribution to your nominated bank account

To find out more about Alloy Wheel Insurance contact Brindley Group today.