Discover the combined powers of hybrid

What a big difference a small electric motor makes when working in tandem with a traditional combustion engine. Add to this mix our dedication to technological progress and it all adds up to a ground-breaking range of hybrid cars for you.

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How reliable are hybrid vehicles?


Hybrid vehicles are also covered by the comprehensive Hyundai 5 year unlimited mileage warranty. For full details of the 5 year warranty please visit

What is the maximum speed a Hyundai hybrid car can reach before the petrol engine starts?


There are a number of factors that could influence when the petrol engine starts including the speed of acceleration, number of passengers, load on the battery, and remaining battery charge. Hybrid vehicles will utilise the battery whenever it is most efficient to do so thanks to ECO-DAS technology, and there isn’t a set speed in which the petrol engine will become the main power supply. With the IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid it is possible to run solely on full electric mode for up to 39 miles due to the larger capacity battery.

How far can Hyundai hybrid cars travel on battery power alone?


Whilst the hybrid is able to run on electric power for short time periods as it is designed primarily to assist the combustion engine, it’s only the Plug-in Hybrid that can sustain a longer distance in electric mode only. Thanks to the larger capacity battery the IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid can travel up to 39 miles from a full charge.

Can the battery be recycled?


Every Hyundai is built with consideration for what happens at the end of its life. Hyundai Motor UK Ltd have partnered with Umicore Battery Recycling to facilitate the recycling process of high voltage batteries used in our Hybrid models.

Where can I get my hybrid car serviced?


All approved Hyundai dealerships with a Servicing department are trained to work on hybrid technology, including both our Hyundai dealerships in West Bromwich and Wolverhampton. To find out more take a look at our servicing and aftersales page.

What does self-charging hybrid mean?


You might have heard the term self-charging hybrid, but what does this mean? Putting it very simply, a self-charging hybrid works in exactly the same way as a conventional car with no cables to plug in. The technology uses a normal petrol engine, an electric motor and a high voltage battery. The electric motor works with the petrol engine to enhance performance whilst reducing co2 emissions and improving fuel consumption. The battery is recharged by a combination of the engine and through recovering energy which would otherwise be lost (such as when slowing down) or by regenerative braking. The IONIQ Hybrid and Kona Hybrid – can be classed as self-charging hybrids.