Hyundai Electric & Hybrid Range

With the game changing IONIQ family saloon and the newly released KONA electric compact crossover, Hyundai are rocketing forward as the ideal choice for hybrid and electric cars. There’s no need for eco-friendly driving to be boring with choices like these! To find out more about our electric and hybrid range visit your local Brindley Hyundai dealership today.


Electric cars are petrol / diesel free and run solely on battery powered electric motors for zero emission driving. The batteries are charged via a mains supply and through regenerative braking. Continual advances have greatly extended their driving range, boosted their torque, reduced charging times and established a better recharging infrastructure.

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Hybrid cars have a regular combustion engine at their heart that’s assisted to varying degrees by an electric motor to achieve low emissions. The batteries that power the motor are charged by the engine and via regenerative braking. ‘Plug-in’ hybrid models have larger batteries that can also be charged from the mains for extra range. They can run on electric power alone in order to achieve zero emission driving.

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Where are the charging point locations to charge a Hyundai electric car?


In the UK there are now more public charging point locations than there are petrol stations. The infrastructure is constantly expanding, and is updated via the satellite navigation system within each Hyundai. To also access the latest locations online, and their operational status we’d recommend looking at Zap Map;