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Success Stories

Do you want to be a part of the Brindley team and think you've got what it takes? Get started with your career and view vacancies on our Careers page. All our employees’ are success stories!  Many have been working for us for many years and have worked through the ranks to hold key positions. Read just a few of our success stories below!

Martin Broom Joined 2003

Sales Manager

Positions held: Sales Executive, Sales Executive, MG Rover Sales Manager, Kia Wolverhampton Sales Manager, Kia Tipton Sales Manager, Hyundai West Bromwich Sales Manager

Having worked for a PLC for 5 years where I was just a number, I was attracted by working for a family run business with a good reputation. At the time I joined the group Brindley Penn Road were an MG Rover franchise and I had previous experience of the brand which. Progress within the group has been down to management recognising my work, commitment and potential and because of this, giving me opportunities to take on more senior roles, instead of recruiting from outside.

Mark Hossack Joined 2000

Site Principal

Positions held: Trainee Sales Exec- Honda Codsall, Sales Exec- Honda West Brom, Sales Manager -Mitsubishi Wednesbury, Sales Manager- Citroen Wednesbury, Sales Manager -Chevrolet/Vauxhall Wednesbury, Sales Manager -Hyundai West Brom, General Sales Manager - Honda Halesowen, Dealer principal (GM) - Honda Halesowen, Dealer Principal (SGM) - Honda/Hyundai West Brom

I had always wanted to get in to the motor trade but struggled without experience. I was offered a trainee post by Brindley Honda Codsall (Terry Butcher) and with Brindley being a Midlands based family business with may outlets and brands and with a good reputation I took the position.

- The group has allowed and trusted me to grow with many tasks and challenges proving my worth other the years with many brands and sites. Due to my hard work, attention to detail, determination and commitment this group has rewarded me with a very successful career in the motor trade. My next goal would be a directorship. I love to share my knowledge and coach others, I’m always keen to take on more responsibilities and will to never stop learning.

-if you are prepared to put in the hours and work hard, you will have a very good future in this group with the possibilities of promotion and growth.

Matthew Sheehan Joined 2003

Sales Executive

Positions held: Service Apprentice Technician, Trainee Sale Exec - Vauxhall Cannock , Sales Executive - Vauxhall Cannock.

Upon leaving education I had always dreamed of being in the motor trade and working with cars. Therefore I was very lucky when Brindley Vauxhall offered me an apprenticeship so I could train to become a vehicle Technician. I loved my role and soon processed to become a fully trained Technician. Until I saw an opportunity to sell cars and work at the front end of the business. The current GM gave me the opportunity to try it out working weekends, so I did. I realised straight away that this was the right career change and haven’t looked back at all! I love working for the group because you’re not just a number you are a person and the Directors and Management are fully supportive.

Sue Brookes Joined 1995

Group Accounts Office Manager

Positions held: Senior Accounts Administrator, Assistant Office Manager, Group Accounts Office Manager

My Brindley Group journey began in 1995 at the Head Office based in Codsall. As a qualified AAT I joined as a Senior Accounts Administrator for our Vauxhall Dealership. I then had maternity leave with my daughter and returned to work and I became the Assistant to the Office Manager. When Head Office relocated to Penn Road I was offered the position of Group Accounts Office Manager. This role oversees the Team of Accounts Administrators, providing financial information for the Directors and Dealerships. Part of my role is to authorise all of the Payments that are made by the group. I supervise all of the Groups Payrolls and Revenue Year Ends  as well as producing the Monthly Head Office Management Accounts and the End Of Year Financial Accounts.

Our Group has grown and my role has grown within it, yet I am not a faceless number but part of the family business and I do hope that the role will continue to develop in our future.

Lee Broad Joined 2003

Sales & Business Manager

Positions held: Weekend Test Driver, Trainee Exec, Sales Exec, Business Manager, Sales Manager Honda Cannock

Most men want to do what their fathers did and I wanted the same. I was handed an excellent opportunity which couldn’t have come at a better time as I was in a dead end job with no future development.

Brindley have excellent career prospects and will always look to train and develop their staff to be the best at whichever position they are either in or aspire to get to within the company.

Will Bolton Joined 2004

Dealership Accountant

Positions held: Assistant Accounts Administrator, Senior Accounts Administrator, Dealership Accountant

The Brindley Group was an attractive opportunity for me as I was still studying my AAT when looking for work and a well-established, local, family run company was something that was important for me. Family values and supporting the local community are important to me.

Before joining group I had been for an interview 12 months prior which I didn’t get due to being incredibly shy and quiet. I went away, gained customer experience and people skills working in a pub and came back a year later (not quiet in the slightest) and got the job as assistant accounts administrator. This was key for me to relate the things I had worked on in college to real life situations. After a while I was made Senior Accounts Administrator and could put all of that experience and guidance to the test. This meant reconciling bank statements, wages, purchase and sales ledgers, nominal ledgers, petty cash etc.

In June 2014 I was given the responsibility of Dealership Accountant of CCC. A small set of accounts to start off with while also continuing with the administration side of the West Brom site. This meant compiling monthly management accounts and yearly financial accounts. Then in July 2015 I also took on the role of Dealership accountant for Kia Tipton and passing my administration duties over. After almost a year doing the two sets of accounts  I feel I have settled into the role and gaining valuable relationships with staff across the sites and continuing to put the knowledge I have gained over the past 12 years into action.

I would encourage anyone willing to progress in their career to look to the group as for myself and others there are chances available.

Andy Jones Joined 2004

Dealership Accountant

Positions held: Office Junior, Senior Accounts Administrator, Dealership Accountant

I joined the Brindley Group in 2004 as an office Junior through the apprentice scheme at Dudley Collage where I has just completed my AAT NVQ 2.

The Group gave me the opportunity of gaining accounts experience and also supported me with my studies as I was able to relate collage text books to real life.

I have now completed my AAT level 3 & 4 and have been able to progress in our Group Accounts Department.

In starting in the Office Junior position I assisted a senior with day to day duties such as filing and petty cash.

Senior Accounts Administrator where I took on new responsibilities such as the day to day accounts for a franchised site such as Cashbook, Purchase, Sales, Nominal Ledgers and Payroll to my current position as Dealership Accountant.

In this role I work closely with the Senior Accounts Administrator, Dealership Mangers & Staff in producing Monthly Management & Annual Financial Accounts, Budgets, VAT Reconciliations, Accounts Analysis and submitting our franchised accounts to our manufacturers.

In working for the Brindley Group I have received great support and opportunities’ in all roles that I have undertaken which have enabled me to progress and gain valuable experience to which I look to build on.

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