Our Team of Business Specialists

Finding the right car or van that matches the needs of your business can be a challenging endeavour. Firstly, everything must reflect the professionalism that's expected by your customers and business associates alike, but there are many other aspects to consider. Sleek and stylish is important, but it also needs to fit in with the business’ budget and meet all of its practical requirements.

Our Business Specialists will use their expertise to find you the best solution for your business whether you're looking for an executive saloon, a commercial vehicle or a greener option to lower running costs and reduce your emissions. Contact one of our talented specialists today and find out how they can help you enhance your business.

Clare Smith​

Corporate Sales Manager

Group​ Fleet sales specialist


01902 623 632

Neal Shaw

Corporate Sales Manager

Group Fleet sales specialist.


01902 623 636

Richard Bateman

Richard Bateman

Corporate Sales Manager

Group Specialist in Light Commercial vehicles and Business car sales.


01902 623 631

James Moore

Nissan Local Business Manager

Specialist in Nissan Commercial vehicles and business car sales.


01543 330 765

Colin Laidlaw

Maxus Business Development Manager

Specialist in Maxus Commercial vehicles.


07393 450 170