Volvo S60 R-Design
Volvo S60 Starting from £44,850

For the road. For the planet.

Discover the dynamic Scandinavian saloon - the new Volvo S60.

The Volvo S60 saloon car is available at Brindley Volvo. This premium mid-size saloon has been built to change perceptions and expectations of what we come to expect from a Volvo saloon.

The Volvo S60 features a unique Scandinavian design that doesn't follow the crowd. It's sculpted, sporty shape and striking proportions serve as a reminder that originality deserves attention. Inside high grade leather upholstery and shining chrome details highlight it's executive feel. An open-and-tilt panoramic roof gives you open skies at your fingertips and gives the cabin an airy feel. Adding to this, advanced filtration technology works to keep the air you breathe in the cabin clean. The S60 seats five and guarantee all five travel in comfort with heated front and outer rear seats available and more than amble room all around.

The S60 is packed with sporty features and benefits from the best Volvo technology. With Comfort, Eco and Dynamic drive modes the active chassis adapts to your drive whilst a mild hybrid powertrain saves you fuel by recovering energy when you brake. Charge your smartphone wirelessly with a dedicated storage space in the centre console or integrate your device with simple to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Play your music through perfectly adjusted and positioned Bowers & Wilkins speakers, providing a crystal clear sound where ever you sit.

Meanwhile advanced safety technology includes the impressive catalogue of Volvo safety features such as Pilot Assist and Cross Traffic Alert. Driver Assist technologies will also detect and help you avoid collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists whether it's day or night. whilst others mitigate accidents that may be caused by driver fatigue by keeping you centred in lane and gently adjusting your steering if you do stray to the edge of the road. Innovative high definition cameras give you a 360 degree birds eye parking view so you can get in and out of any space with ease.

The S60 has a range of powerful and efficient powertrains starting with the three-cycliner 1.5L B3 Mild hybrid petrol powertrain. Advanced, lightweight petrol engines and plug-in Hybrid powertrains not only give the New S60 range acceleration and agility but also smoothness and precise handling.

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Advanced technology in your S60 saloon helps connect your drive to personalised comfort and mobility.
Drive your way The active chassis with Comfort, Eco and Dynamic drive modes instantly adapts to your drive. Choose the mode that fits your needs – or personalise one of your own.
Refine the drive Our mild hybrid powertrain saves you fuel by recovering energy when you brake. Enjoy a dynamic drive instantly from the take-off.
Get dialed in Optimise everything from mileage to acceleration to braking comfort with the centre console roller which carefully can adjust and adapt your driving preferences.
Volvo S60 R-Design
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