Volvo V90 Recharge Starting from £58,088
Volvo V90 Recharge

Crafted for comfort. Built for adventure.

Experience the iconic plug-in hybrid estate with Google built-in. An elegant escape for today. A drive with tomorrow in mind.

With a T8 Recharge plug-in hybrid powertrain, the V90 takes on the qualities of a true performance car. Enjoy every day driving again with the powerful, turbo charged engine working alongside a powerful battery to create the high standard you expect from Volvo.

The Volvo V90 Recharge is crafted for comfort and built for adventure. It provides an elegant escape with expansive and expandable roominess. Relax into comfortable body-hugging seats, look up and enjoy the airy feeling created by the open-and-tilt panoramic roof.

Choose from four drive modes: Hybrid, Pure, AWD and Power. Pure uses only electric power, hybrid is your default mode, power combines both engine and battery to give you maximum responsiveness and AWD gives you extra security over uneven road surfaces.

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Meet V90 Recharge. The ultimate estate designed with a purpose for our planet – and engineered for refined driving.
Take charge An electric motor and petrol engine work in harmony for the ultimate plug-in hybrid estate for less tailpipe emissions, more traction and instant power to you.
Express yourself Arrive with distinction in an refreshed exterior featuring enhanced chrome detailing including a new chrome grille. Redefine luxury with Inscription or unleash your sporty side with R-Design.
Pure for real In Pure electric mode you can drive your plug-in hybrid car without any tailpipe emissions. With a fully charged battery, this can allow daily commuting using the electric motor.
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