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Electric & Hybrid Vehicles

Electric Or Hybrid – The Future Of Eco-Conscious Driving Starts Here

There’s no question that electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming ever more prevalent as the bid to get more drivers to convert to cleaner, more efficient forms of motoring grows.

At Brindley Group, we’re committed to an environmentally friendly motoring future, which we back by the sheer range of electric and hybrid vehicles we stock. As well as KIA, we work with a number of other high-profile marques, each of whom produces electric and hybrid cars.

Go Green with Brindley Kia We at Brindley KIA are delighted to be able to showcase an exceptional lineup of high-quality electric and hybrid models from the acclaimed marque. KIA is renowned for its selection of vehicles, with everything from the Sportage through to the practical Rio all offering exceptional efficiency and lower CO2 emissions. If you would like some assistance in choosing the perfect model for your needs, the teams at our Tipton and Wolverhampton dealerships will be able to help you.

Electric & Hybrid Vehicle FAQs

If you have an electric or hybrid-related query, please check out our frequently asked questions below.

Where can I buy a used electric or hybrid vehicle?


We stock more than 200 high-quality used electric, plug-in hybrid and hybrid vehicles produced by an array of marques across our Cannock, Tipton, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton locations.

Are electric vehicles more expensive than petrol vehicles?


Often, yes. However, it’s worth noting that running costs are considerably lower with fully electric vehicles, saving you more in the long term.

Which manufacturers make electric and hybrid vehicles?


Carmakers such as Honda, Hyundai, KIA, Mazda, Maxus, MG, Nissan and Volvo all produce electric and hybrid vehicles.

How much does it cost to run an electric/hybrid vehicle?


It depends on the vehicle and the size of its battery – and whether it has an electric, plug-in hybrid or hybrid powertrain. For instance, it would cost about £13 to fully charge (zero to 100 per cent) the all-new e-Niro’s battery at home.

Do hybrid vehicles need to be charged?


Only plug-in hybrid vehicles need to be charged – and even if the battery runs flat, a PHEV is still able to operate as long as there’s fuel in the tank.

Other Electric Services Do you have any questions – or would you like assistance regarding a particular electric or hybrid vehicle? Get in touch with our team today.
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