The All-New MG4 EV dominates the Parkers New Car Awards 2024

In a ground breaking turn of events, the MG4 EV has emerged as a triple winner at the Parkers New Car Awards 2024. This award not only underscores the rising prominence of electric vehicles (EV's) in the UK but also positions the MG4 EV as a trailblazer in the evolving landscape of affordable and practical electric mobility.

With the share for EV's now making its way towards 20% of the UK new car market, the recognition towards the MG4 EV reflects a broader trend of electric car approaching critical mass. The MG4 EV has not only won the outright Parkers Car of the Year Award, it has also clinched victories in the Best Small Family Car and Best Value Car categories. These awards celebrate MG's unparalleled blend of practicality, affordability, performance and range.

The MG4 EV stands out from the rest, providing ample space inside the cabin with plenty of room for the average family combined with a comfortable seating for four and a well-sized boot for a fully electric hatchback. You may take a look at the MG4 EV's affordable price tag and assume it to be a poor quality EV, but you'd be wrong. The build quality is very commendable, an infotainment system prioritising usability and safety and you can even get an electric range up to 323 miles.


On the road is certainly where the MG4 EV stakes its claim as exemplary electric hatchback. Its comfort and ease of driving caters every day needs where this it towns/cities, rural roads or motorways. Its well-weighted steering, excellent brakes and its electrified performance are sure to satisfy all drivers.

In an era where electric vehicles are no longer separated into their own categories, the car has to be a true class leader to beat its internal combustion engine (ICE) rivals and the MG4 EV proudly stands tall alongside other award winning electric vehicles such as the Kia EV6 and the BMW i7.

As a longstanding advocate for car buyers, Parkers recognises the various challenges that drivers are facing these days so its the perfect time to suggest an affordable, practical and eco-friendly option in the multi award-winning, All-New MG4 EV.

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