New MG5 EV
100% Electric Estate
From £30,995
MG5 EV Long Range

New MG5 EV Long Range

Instead of cutting corners when it comes to power and distance, the MG5 EV truly embraces the potential of zero-emission energy, creating an electric car that offers an uncompromising, long-range driving experience with true MG style.

Using their impressive knowledge of electric cars, the MG5 EV is powered by a 61kWh battery, allowing for driving distances of up to 250 miles from just a single charge. And with rapid charging capability, this impressive electric model can charge to 80% in just 60 minutes from a 50kW charging point or within a staggering 35 minutes from a 150kW rapid charger!

And with no shortage on space either, MG’s latest entry into the electric car market is more than ready to take on multi-person and family journeys with ease.

    MG5 EV
    SE Long Range From £30,995 MG Pilot
    10.25” Colour Touchscreen
    iSMART User App
    7" Colour Driver Information Display
    Apple CarPlay™ / Android Auto™
    MG5 EV
    Trophy Long Range From £33,495 SE Long Range Plus:
    360° Parking Camera
    Heated Front Seats
    Rear Privacy Glass
    Rain Sensing Wipers
    Auto Air Conditioning
    Electric Dreams Equipped with a 61kWh battery that’s a breeze to recharge, the MG5 EV gets its juice from either an at-home charger or one of the many EV-compatible charging points found across the UK. And to ensure you stay topped up even at maximum range, the EV features three levels of regenerative braking, helping to improve both brake efficiency and battery charge usage on the go.
    RACK UP THE MILES Long-distance power Where other electric cars may struggle, the MG5 EV thrives thanks to a 61kWh battery built for powerful performance. Impressively long range, the MG5 EV can drive up to 250 miles WLTP-certified range, a distance that increases to 326 miles when driven in urban environments. If power and distance is something you thought previous electric cars simply weren’t capable of, then the MG5 EV is out to prove it can do both with ease.
    GET GOING IN NO TIME Fast-charging battery Mounted within the front grille, the MG5 EV’s easily accessible CCS and Type 2 ports mean recharging is a simple, streamlined process. And what’s more, it’s possible to get up to an 80% battery charge in just 35 minutes. Whether you’re using a standard 7kW charger or you’re charging at one of the UK’s many charging points across the country means you never have to wait long before you get back on the road.
    GREEN STREAK Zero emissions As well as power and long-range, the MG5 EV is a further step towards a greener, more environmentally-friendly motoring world. With zero exhaust emissions, you’ll be helping to reduce harmful air pollution into the environment, which is great news for our health in the long term, too. Similarly, the noise pollution caused by regular petrol and diesel engines is no longer an issue; drivers are set to enjoy a quieter driving experience when behind the wheel of the MG5 EV.
    Technology Built on a robust EV powertrain for a powerful, responsive ride, the MG5 EV is well-equipped with plenty of technology too. With three levels of regenerative braking and three modes to suit a wide range of driving styles, an infotainment system lets you connect to all the entertainment and directions you need.
    SMOOTHER, CLEANER PERFORMANCE EV Powertrain Removing the need for an internal combustion engine, the MG5 EV sits on an EV Powertrain, a lightweight compact system that generates torque in an instant without producing drive-disturbing vibrations. The result? A high-quality, super responsive experience that makes smooth driving easy. And with no combustion to speak of, its zero-emission performance maximises those all-important green credentials.
    ELEVATE YOUR DRIVING EXPERIENCE MG iSMART The MG iSMART app allows you to control your vehicle remotely from your mobile phone. Schedule charging times, pre-start the climate control, find your nearest charging point and more - all available at the touch of your fingertips. With various functions available, allow MG iSMART to assist you on a day-to-day, such as making the car nice and warm on those cold winter mornings!
    STAY CONNECTED Diverse Infotainment From choosing your favourite music to calling your nearest and dearest on the go, a 10.25” colour touchscreen takes care of everything when you’re in motion. Elsewhere, the DAB radio, Bluetooth, four USB ports plus Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity keep you and your passengers hooked up to all manner of music, media, podcasts and motoring news wherever your journey takes you.
    Your Next Steps To learn more about the new MG5 EV, get in touch with our friendly team at your local Brindley MG dealership.