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Say goodbye to the past. The next-generation electric car is coming. The Honda e, Honda’s new electric car, will be available to reserve early in the summer 2019.

Honda e Prototype Rear


There’s more to modern minimalism than meets the eye.

The Honda e is inspired by the original Honda Civic. It has a modern-retro look, with minimal detailing and a sporty stance. Its symmetrical headlights with LED technology sit within a piano-black surround, an effect that is repeated at the rear of the car. With painstaking attention to detail, everything that can be hidden away has been. Driver assistance systems are almost invisible to the eye. Charging points are out of sight. The roof appears to float delicately over the clean glass area. The effect is a new aesthetic; a desirable, perfectly proportioned compact electric car that slips silently through the air and cuts a dash in the city and beyond.

Honda e Prototype Interior


The unique, relaxing environment of Honda e.

Inspired by Japanese principles of architecture, the open-plan layout of the Honda e reflects ‘Ma’. The word describes the dynamic created by open space. Honda’s designers and engineers worked in harmony, creating a flat floor and rear-wheel drive layout that allows for such an open interior. Clean, concise graphics for the driver’s information display and infotainment system ensure that the latest technology complements the natural feel. Stowage spaces and charging ports ensure everything has its place.

Honda e Prototype Technology


The latest technology bringing people together.

Technology in the Honda e Prototype is elegantly simple, and designed to create a seamless connection between your life and your car. Dual-screen displays gives you intuitive control over a range of intelligent applications and services. Parking and manoeuvring are enhanced by the Camera Mirror System, which replaces the door mirrors with high-definition cameras to increase the field of vision and to enhance visibility.

Honda e Prototype Charging


Charge whenever and wherever.

With a range of over 125 miles, the Honda e Prototype is ideal for your daily commute as well as your weekend adventures. The fast-charging option means 80% battery charge can be achieved in just 30 minutes, so you can easily extend the range to travel further afield. The glass covered charging port welcomes the driver with LED lighting informing them of the charging status, whilst its central bonnet location, offers easy access to plug into the rapidly spreading charge network across the UK.


Be one of the first to secure Honda’s new electric car

Are you ready to join the revolution and experience the excitement of Honda’s new electric car? You can be among the first to own this head-turning model as reservations will open in early Summer 2019. To ensure you don’t miss out, register your interest today!

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